Problems with Badge Image upload [solved]
Posted: 2013-Mar-05 22:42
Author: NewEinstein
The badge image upload is working again!

We are aware of the problem with the page for the badge image upload not being accessible. We are working on that problem. An update of the webpage during the 6th of March will solve the problem. After that the upload will be open until Sunday evening.

Booking system closed
Posted: 2013-Mar-05 00:17
Author: Trax
The booking system for NFC2013 has now been closed. The image upload and room share stays open. See the information box on the right for more information.

Deposit at check in
Posted: 2013-Mar-03 19:43
Author: Trax
Due to a miscommunication between the hotel and the convention it will not be possible to pay the deposit using a credit card. Only cash will be accepted. We apologize any inconvenience this may cause. The FAQ has been updated to reflect the change.
A cash machine can be found just around the corner of the hotel.

4 days / 4 weeks
Posted: 2013-Feb-28 21:55
Author: NewEinstein

Our con has grown beyond our expectations ... thank you so much for the trust everyone is putting into our team. We are working hard to fulfill (and maybe even exceed) your expectations.

Right now there are only four days left for registration as we will close down the system on midnight between Monday and Tuesday (4th and 5th of March, Central European Time).

And in exactly four weeks from today the first NordicFuzzCon will officially open :-) soooo exited ...

Website update finished!
Posted: 2013-Feb-24 22:52
Author: NewEinstein
We have added a bunch of new information on the website with todays update:

  • The Guest of Honor page now also features a photo of our special guests.
  • A list of event highlights is now available on the events page.
  • We have made the badge image upload a bit easier and added a small howto guide. Please don't forget to send in your uploaded images for approval if you haven't done so yet.
  • We can now offer all our attendees with two or more fursuits to buy additional fursuit badges for 30SEK each. Please contact [email protected] to order them. We will then open the upload for a second photo and you will have to pay on arrival at the convention.
We also added some bugfixes and created a background engine which will allow all our attendees to upload images into a live gallery during the convention.

Conbook submissions closed
Posted: 2013-Feb-19 17:27
Author: Trax
Submissions for NordicFuzzCon's conbook 2013 has been closed. If you have any question, concerns or want to ask something related to the conbook, then please contact [email protected].

Conbook deadline extended
Posted: 2013-Feb-12 18:52
Author: NewEinstein

We have decided to postpone the conbook deadline by a couple of days until Monday February the 18th, to give our artists an extra weekend to finish their work without a hurry.

More details about submitting art for our conbook can be found here

First and last event of the convention
Posted: 2013-Jan-26 20:12
Author: NewEinstein
Here are some times for the first and last events of NordicFuzzCon 2013:

  • The Opening Ceremony will be the very first offical event. It will start at 16:00 on Thursday the 28th of March
  • The Closing Ceremony will be the last official event. It will take place between 12:00 and 13:00 on Sunday the 31st of March
  • There will be a small Dead-Dog party on the evening of the Sunday as the last event (which is already outside of the official part)

Announcement of our Guests of Honor
Posted: 2013-Jan-20 22:57
Author: NewEinstein
We are happy to announce that NordicFuzzCon will have two guests of honour for its first year! At NordicFuzzCon 2013 you will be able to meet DivineVixen and Snout, two early members of and one of the driving forces behind the furry fandom in Europe. Together they were chairmen and organizers behind Eurofurence 2.

Already in 1994 DivineVixen and Snout started the MUCK "Sociopolitical Ramifications" (SPR), which is still running today. On the same server they hosted the main mirror of the VCL database which handled most of the traffic.

As DivineVixen and Snout were responsible for arranging the first ever furry convention to take place in Sweden, it only seems appropriate that they should be our guests of honour. So please give them a warm welcome!

more info: Guest of Honor (GoH)

Announcement of some important dates coming up!
Posted: 2013-Jan-12 23:04
Author: NewEinstein
Event submissions

Submissions ideas for panels and events have to be submitted on our website latest January 27th. After that we will start to make the schedule and we can not guarantee that we can even consider your event idea any more.

Late registration

All registrations from the 4th of February and later will be considered late registration. They will have a ticket price which will be 100 SEK higher. So if you want the "normal" price you should register latest on the 3rd of February.

Conbook submissions

Submissions of art for the conbook should be sent to [email protected] before February 18th 2013. After that the final layout work will begin.

Registration deadline

The registration for NordicFuzzCon 2013 will close on the 4th of March 2013 at 24:00:00 CET. After that no new registrations will be possible. Changes to existing ones will be possible to a certain degree and availability.

NordicFuzzCon is looking for art
Posted: 2013-Jan-08 12:25
Author: NewEinstein
We are currently looking for art submissions/donations:

Conbook: Do you want your art seen by many furs and being shown all over Europe? Then why not submit a piece of art for the NordicFuzzCon conbook? We are still looking for artwork to make our conbook even more awesome. Details can be found on our website in the conbook section: Conbook

Charity Auction: Do you want to support our Charity? Why not donate a piece of artwork for our charity auction? Have our attendees fighting for your work and feel proud that you have helped. More details: Charity

Thanks already now from your NFC team

Exclusive access
Posted: 2013-Jan-07 00:02
Author: Trax
We have now gotten exclusive hotel access during the convention (28th-31st of March)

Winner of our Christmas Raffle on FurAffinity
Posted: 2012-Dec-24 18:05
Author: NewEinstein
Congratulation to Tails41347 ... you will get the equivalent of a standard ticket price refunded during check-in at NordicFuzzCon. Thanks to all of you who participated.

Christmas Raffle
Posted: 2012-Dec-01 22:36
Author: NewEinstein
We are holding a Christmas raffle over at FA:

Conbook submissions - we want you art!
Posted: 2012-Nov-10 20:19
Author: Trax
Are you an artist? Do you enjoy drawing anthropomorphic animals? Do you want to see your art in full-colour print, in the hands of dozens of furs from all over the world? Then why not consider submitting your artwork for NordicFuzzCon's very first convention book!

Submissions should reflect the convention's theme: vikings vs. pirates. You are free to base your artwork around the convention's mascot, Mausie, but you may draw any characters you wish. (Other than copyrighted characters, of course.) We accept both smaller "filler" pieces and larger pin-ups, but we prefer submitted artwork to be in glorious full colour. You do not have to attend the convention to submit artwork, and you are free to send in more than one submission if you feel yourself overflowing with creative juices.

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] before February 1st 2013. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able. Also see our conbook FAQ for more information.

Oh, and due to space limitations, we will not be looking for text submissions this year. Sorry, writers! Maybe next year.

News from the website update
Posted: 2012-Nov-10 18:54
Author: Trax
The website update has now been completed. Some new features has been added like conbook submission, form to fill in if you plan to hold a panel and fursuit badges.

Random attendee and fursuiter badges will appear on the sidebar to the right. If you plan to fursuit during NFC, then go to my account -> view registration status, tick the checkbox: I plan to wear my fursuit and save. Now you will be able to upload a fursuit badge by clicking on my account -> upload image. This will be used as your fursuit badge during NFC.

To upload a normal conbadge, click on my account -> upload images.
Both convention badges and fursuit badges can be hidden from being displayed on the NFC webpage. Simply go to the uploaded image and change the visibility.

If you are interested in holding a panel, then please go to my account -> Interested in holding a panel.
If it does not show up then you need to tick the checkbox: Interested in holding a panel" under my account -> view registration status.

Nordic Fuzz Con is looking for DJs!
Posted: 2012-Oct-22 10:30
Author: NewEinstein
Are you a DJ? Do you want to play at our first Nordic furry convention? Here's your chance!

We are looking for DJs who want to spin an hour or so on our dances. Now this is not your average rave-type of dance. we might not have fancy light effects, fog or lasers. Also, the volume might not going to be maxxed out since we want people to dance and be able to hear afterwards. Also saves your voice, no need to shout to communicate. And then there is the fact that we don’t know yet how soundproof the rooms are...

What we will have though, is an awesome audience that will enjoy your sets, so this is your chance! There will be a minimum of one hour per set time but the dance itself might last a few hours. We will most likely have two dances, one for our fursuiters and one for the party animals that really like to shake their tails!

If you know your House, Trance, Eurodance/Hands up, Psytrance, Rock, 80s, 90s, 00s, Hardstyle, Hardcore, etc etc. Send us your mix! show us what you got! Make a one or two hour mix and upload to a place where i can download it with ease such as zippyshare, mediafire, mixcrate or similar. We will have a 2 Channel DJ mixer available on stage. If you have your own gear with you then that is a clear bonus! Write it down in your application and make sure your gear can support XLR out. If you only have RCA or 6,2" Tele out, you can always check a nearby music store for adapters.

Please send audition information to: [email protected]. Deadline for the auditions is January 1st, 2013. I will note you at the very latests, January 31st.

!NOTE! it is preferred if you are already are planning to come to the con. Saves you stress and economic worries.

Website update and a lot of new features
Posted: 2012-Oct-19 17:59
Author: NewEinstein
As you can maybe see we have updated the webpage. Witin this update a lot of new features went online today. Here are the most important ones:
  • You can now upload icons for your future con-badge. On the "my account" page you can find the link to the image upload page. Images have to be between 100x100px and 150x150px. Accepted file formats are jpg, png and gif.
  • We also want to help our artists who are coming to NFC. Everyone who wants to sell things (like in the ArtistAlley/DealersDen) is able to upload a description of himself and examples of his work in image form to our website. In a future step that information will be displayed on our website to your potential customers. This feature can also be found on your "my account" page under the link "artist" (but only if you have selected the "wants to sell things at the convention" option in your booking).
  • On the right hand side you can see some first statistics about the attendees who have registered for NFC. For now we are showing you the number of countries and the percentages for the five biggest countries. More details will follow later.
  • On your "view my registration status" page you can now also edit some of your booking options like "I want to fursuit", "would like to volunteer" and similar.
  • Aaaaand of course this blog you are reading right now as a fast way to inform you about news and updates.
We would also like to remind you that you can organize your roomshare already now. You will find the possibility to invite people to the roomshare on the "view my registration status" page.