The final schedule is not finished yet but will be published soon.

Additional information and events-related updates will be provided in our newsletter and on Twitter.

Current event plans include:

  • Fursuit Games
    Do you want to compete in fursuit against other fluffy critters? Then this is the thing for you.
  • Games room
    Boardgames, cardgames, gaming consoles ... lots of stuff available for a fun time ...
  • Fursuit Photoshoot
    Do you want a nice portrait of you in your costume? Then come by at our Photoshooting.
  • Dealers Den
    Furry artists will offer artwork and other items, or go hunting for commission slots.
  • Your First Furry Convention
    Is NFC the first time that you attend a furry con? Then join us here to get some tips and tricks.
  • Art Show
    Have a look at some amazing furry artwork. All items in the show are for sale as well.
  • Three Disco evenings
    Party? Rave? Fursuit dancing? 80s? 90s? ... our six DJ's will have it all.
  • Fursuiting and Fursuit Construction
    Several panels will cover acting in fursuit as well as construction and maintenance.
  • Charity auction
    Fight for artwork donated by some amazing national and international artists for our charity.
  • Drawing Contest
    Do you want to show off your drawing skills. Then take part in our speed-drawing contest.
  • Early Days of the Furry Fandom in Europe
    Listen to our guests of honor when they tell some stories from the beginning of the fandom in Europe.
  • ...and much more to come!

Many of our events will reflect our theme of Vikings vs. Pirates.