guest of honor

We are happy to announce that NordicFuzzCon will have a guest of honour for its first year! But before we tell you who it is we have to go back in time ... far back ...

It is the year 1996. Something called the "Furry Fandom" slowly creeps into Europe. In the year before Eurofurence was started in Germany. It was the first convention especially for members of the furry community in Europe. Eurofurence was supposed to become an annual event which should move through different countries. Its second iteration in 1996 was organized by two members of the fandom in Sweden. EF2 took place from the 18th to the 22nd July in Linköping. A school in the student living area Ryd acted as the venue and 35 attendees from different countries in Europe attended this event.

Now fast forward 17 years with only one small furry convention taking place in Sweden in 2009 and we are back in 2013 ... the year of the first NordicFuzzCon.

photo by Sayh

DivineVixen and Snout

At NordicFuzzCon 2013 you will be able to meet DivineVixen and Snout, two early members of and driving forces behind the furry fandom in Europe. Together they wer chairmen and organizers behind Eurofurence 2.

Already in 1994 DivineVixen and Snout started the MUCK "Sociopolitical Ramifications" (SPR), which is still running today. On the same server they hosted the main mirror of the VCL database which handled most of the traffic. But as the server was (and still is) located at the University in Linköping they had to take down the mirror in 2005 when the University found out about the content.

about DivineVixen

DivineVixenDue is a long term fan of anthromorphic art and a member of the furry fandom since 1989. Due to severe health problems he had to stop all activities in the furry fandom for many years.

But now he is back! NordicFuzzCon 2013 will be his first furry convention since Eurofurence 2 in 1996. As DivineVixen was responsible for arranging the first ever furry convention to take place in Sweden, it only seems appropriate that he should be our guest of honour. So please give him a warm welcome!

about Snout

To quote Snout: "It's an.. honor to be guest of honor, just because I'm old and grey" ... sorry pal, but we don't invite you because you are "old and grey", but because you had been one of the key person in the early furry fandom in Europe.

I think we will have two guests of honor here who will have a lot to tell. So be prepared for some amazing stories to come up during NordicFuzzCon.