convention ticket

early booking
until 14th Oct. 2012
standard booking
until 3rd Feb. 2013
late booking
after 4th Feb. 2013
Standard convention ticket: 600 SEK 700 SEK 800 SEK
Sponsor convention ticket: 850 SEK 950 SEK 1050 SEK

The standard convention ticket gives you access to the convention. Also included are your name badge and one conbook. When buying a Sponsor ticket you will, get everything from the standard ticket and additionally you will be mentioned as a sponsor on the webpage and in the conbook. You will also receive a complimentary gift package beside other benefits during the convention. (If you book the sponsor ticket less then one month before the convention, then your name is not guaranteed to end up in the conbook)

As you can see in the table for the convention tickets we are offering a discount of 100 SEK for all people registering within the first three weeks (until Sunday the 14th of October 2012). After the 4th of February 2013 your booking will be considered a late booking which increases the price by another 100 SEK.

Final date for registration is the 3rd of March 2013 at 24:00:00 CET

hotel accomodation

convention days
Thursday to Sunday
with early arrival
or late departure
with early arrival
and late departure
bed in a four-bed room: 950 SEK 1350 SEK 1750 SEK
bed in a standard double room: 1200 SEK 1650 SEK 2100 SEK
bed in a superior double room: 1500 SEK 2050 SEK 2600 SEK
single room: 2200 SEK 2950 SEK 3700 SEK

All prices include three nights (Thursday to Sunday) and breakfast. In double rooms and four-bed rooms you will have to team up with other attendees (room mates will be assigned randomly unless entered into your registration) or pay the remaining slot(s) to get the room for yourself. Detailed descriptions of the room categories can be found in the venue section.

You can also add early arrival and late depature, to arrive one day earlier (March 27th) at- or leave one day later (April 1st) from the hotel.

These prices are all per bed in the mentioned room category. So for roomshares both (or more) partners need to have booked beds in the same category. Only then is a roomshare possible.

All payments are subject to a small administrative fee.

You can find a currency converter here which helps you to "translate" our prices.

information for attendees without hotel rooms:

For our residential attendees a breakfast buffet is included in the roomprice. If you have not booked a room you can use the breakfast buffet as well gainst a fee of 125 SEK (per day, to be paid directly to the hotel).

If you have not booked any room in the convention hotel through our booking system you will have to leave hotel premises after the end of the last event. That will be somewhen after the end of the last dance around 2AM or 3AM in the morning. Staying in a hotel room of another attendee, without having paid for it, is considered "ghosting" and will get both of you immediatly expelled from the convention. So please: If you want to stay at the convention 24hours a day you have to book a slot in the hotel.