27th February - 2nd March, 2014
Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
A steampunk murder mystery

So what's all the fuzz about?

We are glad you asked!

NordicFuzzCon is a yearly event taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. It is geared towards members of the furry community - people with an interest in animals with human characteristics, such as Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck - but all are welcome to attend (as long as they pay the attending fee, of course). We offer many different events, including dances with live DJ sets, panels on art and fursuiting, organized tabletop and video gaming, and much more! While we can't guarantee you a good time, we do our utmost to offer up a scrumptious smörgåsbord of entertainment choices to choose from for our attendees.

NordicFuzzCon made its debut in 2013 where we had over 170 attendees from over 10 different countries, making us the largest furry convention in Scandinavia. In 2014 the convention will take place from 27th February to 2nd March, and will be held at Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in southern Stockholm.


The convention's official mascot is Mausie, a curious rat-like creature with a penchant for cheese and mischief. Don't worry, he usually does not bite attendees... unless they happen to be holding a delicious wheel of camembert.


The theme for NordicFuzzCon 2014 is: A Steampunk Murder Mystery. So get out your goggles and your deerstalker hat, and prepare to get steamy and bloody!*

* Attendees do not actually have to get neither steamy nor bloody. Also, any costs related to bloodspills on the hotel carpets will be billed to the specific attendees responsible for the bloodspill.

Author: Trax