27th February - 2nd March, 2014
Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
A steampunk murder mystery

Art Show

The Art Show is a mini art gallery event for furry art, where attendees can freely browse contributed art pieces. They can also place bids on those pieces that are up for auction.

Unlike the Dealers Den, the Art Show does not require a table space nor a vendor present to sell the items. To get your art in the Art Show, you must first register the artwork online. After logging in to your account, you can find the submission form under My account -> Art submission, or you can go here directly.

Make sure to fill in all the fields, and decide how much of the sales price will go to this year's charity. Any percentage from 0% to 100% can be selected.

You need to send a separate submission for each piece you wish to enter into the Art Show.

You are also allowed to not have your artwork up for auction, but still be featured in the Art Show. If so, please check the box next to "Is just for show and not selling?" on the submission form.

Please see the conbook or ask a staff member for information on where and when to hand over your art during the actual convention.

Author: Trax