27th February - 2nd March, 2014
Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
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Extra Beds

Extra beds currently available: 16 (last updated January 12th)

We like to extend a big “thank you” to all those out there who want to attend NFC 2014! We are all overwhelmed by the incredible demand for rooms in our convention hotel. Since we have filled all the regular beds, we have been working with our hotel to offer some extra slots for you. As a result, we can now announce an extra 25 beds available! These can be added to either a twin or a superior twin room, converting them into 3-bed rooms – a process called “overbooking”.

If you want to make use of one of these extra beds, please follow these simple steps:

1) Find two attendees in one of the mentioned room categories (twin or superior) who are willing to share their room with you. You can, for example, try your luck through our official forum.

2) If you are not already registered, you need to do so at this point! Register for the category which has been booked by the people with whom you wish to share a room. If your bed is to be added to a twin room, then register for a twin room; if it is to be added to a superior room, register for a superior room.

3) You, and the two others with whom you wish to share room, must ALL send individual emails to [email protected], with the name and nicknames of all the people who want to share that room. This is to make sure that everyone involved is okay with adding an extra bed added to their room.

Here are the prices for overbooked rooms:

Twin room + extra
1200 SEK per person for the three main nights, incl. breakfast.
500 SEK per person for early or late arrival.

Superior room + extra
1300 SEK per person for the three main nights incl. breakfast.
550 SEK per person for early or late arrival.

Note that in superiour rooms, the included items like bathrobes, are only provided for two people.

If you have already paid for your room and wish to share it with a third attendee, you will get the surplus amount back in cash when you check in at the convention.

The process cannot be completed unless we get emails from ALL three attendees involved, agreeing to overbooking their room with a 3-bed arrangement. Note that this will confirm your roomshare, which then cannot be changed at a later date.

Author: Trax