27th February - 2nd March, 2014
Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
A steampunk murder mystery

Food & Drink

Breakfast Buffet

Included with every room booking for residential attendees is a daily breakfast buffet served in the hotel's restaurant, providing you with the noutrients you need to help keep scurvy away.

Non-residential attendees can still partake in the breakfast buffet, but for a fee of 125 SEK per meal. This will have to be paid for on site, and can not be pre-paid online.

Dinner Buffet

There will be offered dinner buffets all three days of the convention at the hotel's restaurant, with a different theme each day.

To partake in the dinner buffets, you can either buy vouchers in advance through our online registration sytem for 130 SEK per meal, or you can buy them on location for 150 SEK per meal.

Thursday: taco buffet.
Friday: TBA.
Saturday: TBA.

Eat Sweden

You will be taken on a culinary journey through some typical Swedish cousine with Pinky serving as your host. The meal consists of 3 dishes, and it must be pre-ordered through your online account. The cost per participant is 75 SEK.

Ice Cream Buffet (Detective + Sponsor Event)

We'll also be offering an ice cream buffet especially for our sponsors and detectives. The buffet will offer three different flavours (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), whipped cream, meringues, sprinkles, and chocolate- and cola sauce.

Sponsors have the option to pay a fee of 50 SEK to partake in the ice cream buffet. For detectives, the buffet is already included. Non-sponsors will not be able to participate.

Hotel Bar

For your liquid refreshments, you need look no further than the hotel bar, where you can purchase a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic bevereges. Be on the look out for this year's unique drinks menu for our thematically appropriate cocktails.

Author: Trax