27th February - 2nd March, 2014
Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
A steampunk murder mystery

Guest of Honour: Bryan Talbot

The NordicFuzzCon team is proud to present this year’s Guest of Honour: The award winning writer, illustrator and comic book artist Mr. Bryan Talbot!

Among other things, Bryan Talbot is the creator of the series of graphic novels called Grandville, which is a detective story that combines steampunk and anthropomorphic animals. That said, we assume any questions on why we have chosen him to be our Guest of Honour are answered. The books explore the story of a badger, Detective Inspector LeBrock, who works for Scotland Yard in a futuristic steampunk world.

Currently, three comic books in the Grandville series have been published, and two more have been planned. The books, while obviously fictional, often refer to current affairs such as terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, with themes ranging from gangster, science fiction, and religious to grand conspiracy. The Grandville series has been widely recognised. For example, Grandville Mon Amour won the French Prix SNCF and the last two books have both been nominated for Hugo Awards.

Bryan Talbot, born in 1952, is well known for his work on The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Alice in Sunderland and The Tale of One Bad Rat, the latter of which won an Eisner Award. Besides making official appearances at various comic conventions, he has received several awards for his work, both as an artist and as a writer, winning the fanbase awarded Eagle Award in several categories on many occasions. In 2010, Grandville was nominated for the award as well. Talbot has also received several honorary degrees. He was given an Honorary Doctorate of Arts by University of Sunderland in July 2009, the first time this has been done for a comic book artist in the UK, and in 2012 Talbot was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters by Northumbria University in recognition of his lifetime of work in the field of graphic novels.

We are excited to have such a merited guest at NordicFuzzCon. In addition to appearing at the "Meet the Guest of Honour" panel, Bryan will also host other events. So, whether you are aspiring to be the next big furry comic book artist, or you admire good art, or you just like a good story, this is something you should not miss!

To learn more about Bryan Talbot, his works, and his future public appearances, please visit

Author: Trax