27th February - 2nd March, 2014
Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
A steampunk murder mystery


Convention Tickets

Early booking
Standard booking
On location
Standard ticket
730 SEK
830 SEK
930 SEK
Sponsor ticket
980 SEK
1080 SEK
1180 SEK
Detective ticket
1530 SEK
1630 SEK
1730 SEK

To qualify for the early booking discount, you must book your ticket before January 13th 2014.

The standard ticket includes access to all events during the convention as well as a copy of the official conbook.

Additionally we offer two sponsor levels. The primary goal of these extra levels is to help support the convention. Both levels come with certain bonuses, as described below.

Sponsor level adds a special badge layout, and a mention in the conbook and on the webpage. You get the rights to buy tickets for a sponsor only ice cream buffet event (50 SEK) and to buy a limited NFC T-shirt (250 SEK).

Detective level adds a special badge layout, a small gift, and a mention in the conbook and on the webpage. You will also get free access to a sponsor-only ice cream buffet event and the NFC T-shirt is included for you. In addition you will be granted early access into the dealers den and some of the main events.

Hotel Rooms

We offer a total of five different room options, for your convenience. The prices are as follows:

  • Single room: 2200 SEK
  • Double room: 1300 SEK
  • Twin room: 1400 SEK
  • Superior twin room: 1600 SEK
  • Four bed room: 1000 SEK

In a double room both residing attendees share one queen sized bed, while in a twin room you have separate beds which can be pulled apart. For some more information about the rooms, please see the hotel section.

The room prices are per person and cover all three nights of the convention, from February 27th until March 2nd. Also included with every room booking is a daily breakfast buffet served in the hotel's restaurant.

In addition, we offer early arrival and late departure for those wanting to extend their time at the hotel by up to two extra nights. With early arrival you can check in to the hotel on Wednesday, February 26th; with late departure you can check out of the hotel on Monday, March 3rd.

The prices for early arrival and late departure are as follows:

  • Single room: 750 SEK
  • Double room: 500 SEK
  • Twin room: 550 SEK
  • Superior twin room: 650 SEK
  • Four bed room: 450 SEK

The prices are per person, per extra night, and will be added to the standard room prices listed above.

Additional Information

Each initial invoice is subject to an additional handling fee of 75 SEK. This fee is to cover costs involved with processing payments and transferring funds. For any additional payments related to changes to an existing registration, the fee is reduced to 30 SEK per invoice. These fees are automatically added to the invoice.

Rather than paying all at once, you can choose to pay in several smaller installments when you register.

For all residential attendees, a deposit of 500 SEK is required during check-in. The deposit must be made through a bank debit card or credit card. The money will be reserved on your account and will only be withdrawn if you have damaged your room or other hotel property. If everything is in order, the deposit money will be freed on your account when checking out.

For the dinner buffet offered at the convention you can either buy vouchers in advance through our online registration sytem for 130 SEK per meal, or you can buy them on location for 150 SEK per meal.

Non-residential attendees can still enjoy the hotel's breakfast buffet, but for a fee of 125 SEK per meal. This will have to be paid for on site, and can not be pre-paid online.

T-shirts and tickets for the ice cream buffet can only be bought if you are a sponsor. These options are not available to regular attendees. In the detective package, both of these items are already included and do not need to be purchased separately.

Author: Trax