27th February - 2nd March, 2014
Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
A steampunk murder mystery

Registration is now closed!

Attending-only registrations will still be possible on-location at the convention.

Basic Registration Information

To register for the convention, you will need an account on our website. You can create an account by clicking on Register. This is also the account you will use to access our forum.

The badge numbers are assigned according to the time of payment, not the time of registration. So it's possible to get a lower badge number than someone who signed up before you if you're faster at paying.

To pay, you will have to use bank transfer or Payson. Please see below for more information on Payson. We do not accept PayPal for new registrations.

Once you have registered you will receive an invoice by e-mail containing all the information you need for paying. Please note that registrations are manually screened, so it may take a while before your invoice arrives.

The room prices are per person, and if you wish to share a room with someone you will both need to have the same room type. Room sharing will open sometime late October, early November.

If there are no vacancies, you can enter into a waiting list for your desired room type when you register. You will be informed by the registration department if anything opens up. We also recommend frequenting our Ticket Exchange sub-forum.

Each initial invoice is subject to an additional handling fee of 75 SEK. This fee is to cover costs involved with processing payments and transferring funds. For any additional payments related to changes to an existing registration, the fee is reduced to 30 SEK per invoice. These fees are automatically added to the invoice.

Rather than paying all at once, you can choose to instead pay in several smaller installments when you register. See below for more information on paying by installments.

For information about prices, please see the Prices page.

Important Deadlines

To qualify for the early booking discount, you must have signed up for a ticket no later than January 12th.

For installments the full payment must be made no later than January 15th.

Last day to make new registrations or alter existing ones is February 7th.

Last day to enter room share requests is February 14th.

Payson: our new payment provider

We now have a new payment provider called Payson.

Payson accepts Visa/Mastercard, and if you have an account with one of the major Swedish banks (Nordea, Handelsbanken, Swedbank and SEB) you can pay directly through your bank.

If you have already registered for payment through PayPal or bank transferal you can change to Payson by contacting the registration team.

When using Payson you must pay the invoice amount in full, so it will not be possible to pay in installments. However, if you have already started your payment you are welcome to switch to Payson to pay the remaining sum by contacting the registration team.

Those who pay using Payson are still subject to the same invoice fee as those who have used PayPal or bank transferal.

To pay for an invoice using Payson (if you have Payson as your payment provider), go to My Booking, then Attending & Invoices. Next to invoices using Payson there is a "pay"-button. This will take you directly to their websites.

Once you have completed your payment, your booking will be automatically updated. The processing may however take a few additional minutes.

The regitration team can be reached at [email protected].

Waiting List

If a room type is fully booked, then all incoming bookings for that room type will be added to the waiting list. When the booking is on the waiting list it can not be approved. That means that you will not be able to receive your badge number.

Those that have a booking on the waiting list have a few options at their disposal.

  1. Remain on the waiting list. If a room slot in the selected category is freed up, it will be assigned to the next booking on the waiting list.
  2. Change to a different room category.
  3. Remove the accommodation from the booking.
In order to make any changes to your booking, you cab contact the registration team at [email protected].

How To Pay For Your Registration

For PayPal payments, please choose "Goods and Services" for your payment. You will find the PayPal account name in the bottom-left corner of this invoice. If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer the bank account information will be stated there instead, with all the information needed for international transfers.

When sending your payment, add the invoice number and - if possible - your name as a comment in the transfer. Otherwise we will not be able to pair up your payment to your booking.

Please transfer the money within the next 14 days. If you do not, your registration will be deleted.

If you are paying by bank transfer, please make sure that all additional bank fees are paid by yourself. Otherwise we will have to charge you extra during the check-in to cover the extra costs.

If you pay in installments, the first payment (minimum 20% of the invoice amount) needs to be done within 14 days and the complete payment has to be finished no later than 15th of January, or your registration will be cancelled without refunds.

Please don't hesitate to contact our registration team if you have any questions or comments! They can still be reached at [email protected].

Author: Trax