27th February - 2nd March, 2014
Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
A steampunk murder mystery

Fursuiters Got Talent

Posted: 2014-01-10 19:36
Author: NewEinstein

Are you a fursuiter who likes to dance? ...Who plays an instrument? ...Who does artistic stuff? ...Or do you have other special talents you can do while in your fursuit? Then our “Fursuiters Got Talent” show is your place to showcase what you can do!

All actors participating in the show will be asked to perform a max 2-minute long sample of their talent on stage. All performances will be judged by a jury, until only a few candidates remain; after that, the audience will name the winner of our show!

To sign up for it, please send an email to: [email protected] with your nickname, your character name, and what kind of talent you wish to present. In total, we have 10 slots to fill in the show, plus 2 backup slots.

Feel free to contact us in case of any questions! :)

Guest of Honour: Bryan Talbot

Posted: 2013-12-25 23:11
Author: NewEinstein

The NordicFuzzCon team is proud to present this year’s Guest of Honour: The award winning writer, illustrator and comic book artist Mr. Bryan Talbot!

Among other things, Bryan Talbot is the creator of the series of graphic novels called Grandville, which is a detective story that combines steampunk and anthropomorphic animals. That said, we assume any questions on why we have chosen him to be our Guest of Honour are answered. The books explore the story of a badger, Detective Inspector LeBrock, who works for Scotland Yard in a futuristic steampunk world.

More infos can be found here

DJs needed!

Posted: 2013-12-01 20:03
Author: Fuzzy

It's that time of year again! NordicFuzzCon is revving up and getting ready to roll out for 2014.

Want to help with the noise? We're now opening up applications for anyone out there that fancies spinning some tunes on the stage that everyone else can get down and boogie to, and make the night go with a bang!

If you fancy yourself as a DJ (anywhere from budding amateur to world-famous professional will do ;^) ) and would like to show us what you can do, then let us know!

We're planning to have a disco each night of the con, plus one for the dead dogs party, and each DJ would get a two-hour slot per event, this should provide a good mix of music throughout the night and hopefully there will be something for everyone.

If you're up for it then drop me a message here: [email protected]

Let me know what kind of music you're planning on playing and some hint as to your level of expertise/experience in DJing. If you can send me a link to a sample of your mixing then that'd be great too, it's often easier to 'show and tell' than to try to explain in words.

If you have your own hardware then it'd be useful to let us know what you'll be bringing with you - there should be a 2-channel mixer on stage along with the usual hookups to the amps, and also a bunch of sound experts on hand to help get everything cabled up and sounding tip-top and dance worthy.

If you've any questions about any of this then feel free to drop a mail to the above address too and I'll answer as best I can, or I'll at least find someone who can answer ;)

Conbook submissions open!

Posted: 2013-10-28 20:21
Author: Miles T.F. Baxxter

We are now open for submissions for NordicFuzzCon's 2014 conbook, and we would like to welcome all artists out there to send us your fuzztastic contributions! The theme for next year is – as you hopefully already know – a steampunk murder mystery. So make it steamy, murdery, and/or mysterious.

The deadline for submissions is February 5th, 2014. Artwork can be submitted to us at [email protected]. For more details, please go here.

Out of luck getting a room? Possibility to add bed to twin and superior twin rooms opened.

Posted: 2013-10-24 19:46
Author: NewEinstein

We like to extend a big “thank you” to all those out there who want to attend NFC 2014! We are all overwhelmed by the incredible demand for rooms in our convention hotel. Since we have filled all the regular beds, we have been working with our hotel to offer some extra slots for you. As a result, we can now announce an extra 25 beds available! These can be added to either a twin or a superior twin room, converting them into 3-bed rooms – a process called “overbooking”.

If you want to make use of one of these extra beds, please follow these simple steps:

1) Find two attendees in one of the mentioned room categories (twin or superior) who are willing to share their room with you. You can, for example, try your luck through our official forum.

2) If you are not already registered, you need to do so at this point! Register for the category which has been booked by the people with whom you wish to share a room. If your bed is to be added to a twin room, then register for a twin room; if it is to be added to a superior room, register for a superior room.

3) You, and the two others with whom you wish to share room, must ALL send individual emails to [email protected], with the name and nicknames of all the people who want to share that room. This is to make sure that everyone involved is okay with adding an extra bed added to their room.

Here are the prices for overbooked rooms:

Twin room + extra
1200 SEK per person for the three main nights, incl. breakfast
500 SEK per person for early or late arrival

Superior room + extra
1300 SEK per person for the three main nights incl. breakfast
550 SEK per person for early or late arrival

Note that in superiour rooms, the included items like bathrobes, are only provided for two people.

If you have already paid for your room and wish to share it with a third attendee, you will get the surplus amount back in cash when you check in at the convention.

The process cannot be completed unless we get emails from ALL three attendees involved, agreeing to overbooking their room with a 3-bed arrangement. Note that this will confirm your roomshare, which then cannot be changed at a later date.

Author: Trax