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Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden
A steampunk murder mystery

Our website is updated, now we want YOU!

Posted: 2013-10-01 22:25
Author: Sayh

The last upgrade of our website gave us a few new notable changes. To replace PayPal, we are now offering payments with VISA and MasterCard. Simply select the Payson invoice type when registering. You may also change your invoice type if you have not paid yet; please contact our registration department for details.

But we have also new stuff for all of you who have already registered--and that is quite a few! Don’t believe me? Well then, just check out the new “Attendee” menu, where you can see the attendee list and statistics! Now, you can see if your friends are going, and bug them if they are not!

As we have pointed out earlier, an amazing furry con does really depend on you. Not the organizers, but the fact that you show up and want to have fun! That will be your contribution to the con. But maybe, you want to add more of your personal pawprint to the con? At this point, we are starting to look for furs who can contribute with something extra. Are you curious about running a panel, or hosting an event? Do you have a special interest that you think would be worth sharing at a furry con? Events are a major part of a furry con, but we can’t run them without you! Sounds interesting? Please write our event team on [email protected]!

And if hosting an event is not something you feel like doing, our security team is also looking for volunteers. As a part of the security team, you would help keep the convention running hassle-free. And no, you would not be stationed as a guard from the time you arrive till the time you leave, but would help out for some hours during the con, and would be a regular attendee for the remainder of the time. If this sounds like something you could help with, [email protected] are the ones to write.

But, again, a big thank you to everyone who has registered! We are looking forward to an amazing convention next year, and we are looking forward to seeing you! :)

PayPal payments are no longer possible!

Posted: 2013-09-25 20:57
Author: Sayh

Please note that the following only applies to NEW registrations. This does not affect people who have already paid using PayPal. If you have, your do not need to take any actions.

We are very sorry to announce that PayPal payments will no longer be accepted for new registrations. The NordicFuzzCon PayPal account has been audited by PayPal. As a result of this audit, they will keep a large part of all your payments locked away until after NordicFuzzCon. They did this for their own safety, in case attendees issue refund requests.

We do, of course, need the money prior to the convention. The hotel, for instance, would quite like to be paid. For this reason, we hope people will understand that we can only accept payments using direct bank transfer for any new registrations.

We understand that this can be a bit more of a hassle for our guests from outside Sweden, but for most, it should not be too complicated. Most online banks offer an international payment option, or your bank office will be able to assist you in making the transfer. All the information you need to make the international bank transfer will be given on the invoice you will receive from us.

If you have already registered, and have selected to use the PayPal option, you will have received an invoice with the PayPal payment information. You should also by now have received, or will soon receive, an email explaining the situation, asking you to consider changing to direct bank transfer. If you have not received this, and want to help us by using bank transfer, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you!
The NFC Crew

It's registration time!

Posted: 2013-09-18 21:15
Author: Sayh

Finally, the wait is over. Registration is open; go on and register now!

We will again repeat that the badge numbers are assigned at payment time, and that we need to have the invoice number on the payment, so we know who paid. Payments are done via bank transfer or PayPal, with PayPal being the fastest way to pay. All the information you need will be given during registration time.

The prices listed for the different rooms are for one bed in the room. Exception being, of course, the single rooms, where the price is for the room itself. Unlike some registration systems where one person pays the room fully, and invites others to join the room, each person pays their share of the room here. Room-share will be available, so you can choose whom you want to stay with, but that is not implemented yet. After the upgrade scheduled for late October, you will be able to select your room partner(s).

But, hey? Why are you still reading this page? Go on, register! We are all excited about seeing who will come, so go on, get your ticket now! :)

It is soon time to register!

Posted: 2013-09-10 11:52
Author: Sayh
The NordicFuzzCon website has undergone a new upgrade in preparation for the upcoming registration, so here is once again a reminder about the time and date!

Registration is set to open Tuesday, 17th of September at 18:00 (that is 6pm) CET.

And we will again encourage everyone to note the date down, and be glued to the computer when the time comes. Register, be part of the quest for the low badge number!

You will have to have an account for the webpage before you register, so do this in good time before the actual registration opens. If you attended last year, your login details are the same as then. If not, you may register using the "Register" option on the top right of the page. Pressing "login" without filling in username & password will bring you to a page where you can be emailed a password reminder, in case you forgot the password you were registered with.

Our house cat has been hard at work with the website. A lot has been done, some things still remain. The next update is to be expected late October. So, before you start asking "when can I do this, when can I do that?", here are some hints on what we can expect in the next update.

- Room share.
- Badge picture and fursuit badge picture upload.
- Attendee statistics

Again, keep a watch on our twitter feed, @nordicfuzzcon, for instant notification when something important happens to our webpages.

We will soon register for NFC#2! Is everyone as anxious about this as I am?

Last year, Trax & NewEinstein set out on a quest. It had been long enough since Scandinavia had a real furry con. Years ago, Snout & Divi hosted Eurofurence#2. Since then, the fandom has grown tremendously. It was again time to put Sweden on the furry map.

In 1996, Me and some 30 others attended Eurofurence#2. For most, it was their first furry con, and it gave Sweden a special significance for many furries. When the first NordicFuzzCon was announced, my mind was made up instantly. Not going was not an option.

Apparently, many felt the same way. 175 people registered for NordicFuzzCon. Snout & Divi were invited as GoH. 172 furs checked in for the con. Among the 3 that did not, was me and my mate. We never made it.

Laying in bed, hot as only a fever struck duck can be, I read about what a wonderful time furs were having. I was very sad for what I missed. But I was happy too. It was a success! It would be something we could enjoy for years to come!

We have high hopes for next years con. A good con requires two key ingredients, good planning and a nice crowd. We will do our best to provide the first part, and I have strong faith that our two chaircats will steer the boat well this time too. For the second part, we need your help. A furry con is no fun without fun-loving furries attending.

Reading all the comments to the journal posts, entries on the NFC forums, etc., it seems we have nothing to worry about.

We hope to see you all at NFC#2! I am, most definitely, not going to miss it this time.

Author: Trax