Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all attendees of the convention.

Registration and Payment

Age Verification

Note: Due liabilities imposed on us by the rather strict youth welfare laws in Sweden (especially concerning tobacco and alcohol), we have decided not to allow underage attendees.

Cancellation/Ticket Transfer

Note: Ticket transfers must be cleared by us ahead of time in all cases. Any person showing up at the convention who is not in our database will not be admitted in someone else’s name.


Sponsorship is a simple way to support the convention through a voluntary extra donation. In return, sponsors will be mentioned by name in the conbook, get a differently styled name badge, and receive a complimentary gift package depending on their chosen sponsorship level.


Privacy Policy

Note: Please understand that – while we of course do respect your privacy – NordicFuzzCon is not an anonymous event. You will be required to carry a name badge that serves as your admission ticket and identifies you with your nickname and country. Your nickname may be included in NordicFuzzCon related publications such as the conbook or videos (e.g., as part of the credits, the sponsor listing, etc.).