Art Show

The Art Show is our gallery of furry art. Here you can not only see art pieces by furry artists, you can also place bids on them. By doing so, you engage in the silent auction. If an item gets enough bids, it will go to voice auction, which takes place on Saturday evening. Here you have a final chance to either win or to see who makes off with the coveted treasure.

Unlike the Dealers Den, the Art Show does not require a table space nor a vendor present to sell the items. Artists can also choose to have a percentage of the profits go towards charity. Items that are 100% for charity will get a special room, as will adult art.

How do I submit pieces for the Art Show?

Anyone can submit their own art pieces to the Art Show! Art pieces will typically be illustrations done on paper, but other self-made furry-related items are also fine, such as ceramic bowls with animal motifs and even fursuits. We have room for both hanging and standing items.

We strongly encourage all artists who want to have items in the Art Show to preregister their items. Also, we are limiting the number of on-site registrations to 4 items maximum per attendee.

To register a piece to the Art Show, be sure you are loged into your account. Go to My account (drop down menu in the top right corner), then scroll to More things and click Art Show Submission.

Registration for the Art Show must be done before Monday the 23rd of February.

Once at the convention, you must be sure to deliver your art pieces during the scheduled Art Show Set-Up which will be on Thursday the 26th in the evening. The schedule will be available at the convention.

Also, we prefer that all hanging artwork is framed. This will have the dual benefit of making it easier to hang on our prestigious gallery walls, and it makes the artwork look more professional – thereby increasing its appeal to potential bidders!