Charity: Hittehund

NordicFuzzCon proudly presents our charity for 2015: Hittehund.

Hittehund is a small organisation that helps dogs in need to get a new home. They also keep an eye on how they are doing in their new home.

The dogs have very different backgrounds. Some dogs have been abused, some have an owner who cannot keep them any longer, and some again are homeless dogs. But they all have the one thing in common: they need our help.

Hittehund consists of a network of private people who volunteer their time to help the dogs. They do not have a dog shelter nor the ambitions to have one. Instead, they use their own homes, or foster homes. These unpaid volunteers sacrifice a lot of time on this, and with caring love they make sure the dogs are healthy, happy and ready to get a new home.

The organisation survives on donations and whatever profit they get from the dogs they relocate. But they could really use a helping hand – or paw. In fact, they need OUR helping paws, so please help us make a difference!

You can read more about Hittehund on their website (only available in Swedish).