Convention Tickets



The convention ticket includes access to all free events during the convention as well as a copy of the official conbook.

The 1-day ticket only gives you access to the convention for one day, as the name implies. You do not need to specify which day you'll be attending when registering; the ticket will be activated upon arrival.

* You can read below about the different upgrades under the sponsor section.


Sponsorships are for those who want to support the convention and give a bit more to help take over the world make NordicFuzzCon become even more awesome! As a thank you we include a few fun perks and souvenirs, as described below.

Nisse (sponsor upgrade)

[We have not yet been able to secure a picture of the elusive Nisse.]
  • Special 'Nisse' badge layout.
  • A special mention in the conbook and on the webpage.
  • The official NFC 2015 attendee t-shirt.
  • The option to buy a ticket for the sponsor only ice cream buffet event.

Elver (super sponsor upgrade)

[Nope, it was not down here either. We are still looking for it.]
  • Special 'Elver' badge layout.
  • A special mention in the conbook and on the webpage.
  • The official NFC 2015 attendee t-shirt.
  • Exclusive gift.
  • Free access to a sponsor-only ice cream buffet event.
  • Early access into select events.
  • Early access into the Dealers Den and the Art Show.

Hotel Rooms

Main convention dates

Single room
Twin room


The room prices are per person and cover all three nights of the convention, from February 26th until March 1st. Also included with every room booking is a scrumptious daily breakfast buffet served in the hotel's restaurant. 


Want to arrive early or stay late?

Single room early arrival/late departure
Twin room early arrival/late departure


In addition, we offer early arrival and late departure for those wanting to extend their time at the hotel by up to two extra nights. With early arrival you can check in to the hotel on Wednesday, February 25th; with late departure you can check out of the hotel on Monday, March 2nd.

Additional Information

We accept payments through bank transfer, and credit cards.

For all residential attendees (ie. attendees sleeping at the hotel rather than in the bushes outside), a deposit of 500 SEK is required when you check-in. The deposit must be made through a bank debit card or credit card. The money will be reserved on your account and will only be withdrawn if you have damaged your room or other hotel property. If everything is in order, the deposit money will be freed on your account when checking out.

Rather than paying all at once, you can choose to pay for your booking in smaller installments. We allow for a maximum of 3 payments, with a mimimum of 25% paid of the full amount per installment. The last payment needs to be on our account before January 15th, or else the order might be annulled. Note that we can currently only accept payments through bank transfer if you wish to pay in installments.

Non-residential attendees can still enjoy the hotel's breakfast buffet, for a fee of 125 SEK per meal paid on location.