Convention Registration!

The online convention registration is now closed. If you wish to buy a ticket, you will have to do it on-location.

Basic Registration Information

To register for the convention, you will need an account on our website.

Badge numbers are assigned according to the time of payment, not the time of registration. This means it is possible to get a lower badge number than someone who signed up before you if you're faster at paying.

To pay, you will have to use bank transfer, or credit card (Payson). Unfortunately we do not accept PayPal.


More information about paying with Payson can be found under Payson information.

Once you have registered you will receive an invoice by e-mail containing all the information you need for paying. Please note that registrations are manually screened, so it may take a little while before your invoice arrives. There's no need to panic!

The room prices are per person, and if you wish to share a room with someone you will both need to have the same room type.

Rather than paying all at once, you can choose to instead pay in smaller installments when you register. See below for more information on paying by installments.

For information about prices, please see the Prices page.

If you have any questions or experience any problems, please send an e-mail to [email protected].


Payson information

In order to pay using Payson you must have enabled 3D-secure through your bank. If you do not have this enabled you will get a message box when trying to pay in Payson that says: 'Unfortunately we could not complete the payment with this card. Please try again with another card or another payment method.'. To resolve this, please contact your bank and tell them to activate buying products on the internet. You will either be prompted to create your own password for this or the bank will have some sort of pin-code system that you will have to use each time you buy something on the internet.

Important Deadlines


  • To qualify for the early booking discount, you must have signed up for a ticket no later than November 30th.
  • For installments the full payment must be made no later than January 15th.
  • The last chance to register or make changes to existing registrations is February 7th.
  • The last day on which you can establish room shares is February 15th.
  • Invoices and first installments must be paid within 14 days of registering, or else your registration may be cancelled.


Paying in Installments

Rather than paying all at once, you can choose to pay for your booking in smaller installments. We allow for a maximum of 3 payments, with a mimimum of 25% paid of the full amount per installment. The last payment needs to be on our account before January 15th, or else your booking might be annulled. Note that we can currently only accept payments through bank transfer if you wish to pay in installments.