Scandinavian Folklore: the Enchanted Forest

In the deep ponds of the forest, nøkken is patiently waiting for foolhardy passers-by. In the waterfalls fossegrimen is playing his violin with the power of the winds and waters combined, its sound echoing through the forest trees. In a clearing in the woods, the beautiful huldra with her cow's tail is picking flowers for her bouquet for a suitor who has yet to arrive. Towards the mountains we find the troll, a huge lumbering figure with several heads, the next more ugly than the other.

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest, a dangerous but wondrous place inhabited by all the creatures from the rich folklore of Scandinavia. As long as you stick to the path and familiarize yourself with our Bestiarum, you should be safe. Or rather, relatively safe. Most likely. You brought your running shoes and your anti myling spray, right?

Enter a realm of myth and magic
Where danger may lurk behind every stone
To follow the music might prove tragic
Dare you to brave the mystery alone?