So What’s All the Fuzz About?

We’re glad you asked!

NordicFuzzCon is an annual event taking place in Sweden. It is geared towards members of the international furry community – people with an interest in animals with human characteristics, such as Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck – but all are welcome to attend (as long as they pay for a ticket, of course). Every year we offer many different events, including dances with live DJ sets, panels on art and costume-wearing, organized tabletop and video gaming, and much more! While we can't guarantee you a good time, we do our utmost to offer up the best scrumptious smörgåsbord of entertainment this side of the fjord.

NordicFuzzCon made its début in 2013 where the event had over 170 attendees from over 10 different countries, making us the largest international furry convention in Scandinavia. By 2015 the attendance had more than doubled, with over 390 registered attendees and last year, 2016, there were 524 registered attendees from over 25 countries.

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When and Where?

In 2017 the convention will take place from March 9th to March 12th, and will be held at Scandic Infra City in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm.

You can also read more about the hotel here and see the different room types here.


Convention FAQ

Is there anything I can do to help? Can I join the staff/crew?
Check this section for news about staff/crew openings. You can also sign up as a volunteer during the registration process.

Do you have a mascot?
Yes we do! Our mascot is "Mausie", a lovable mouse-like rodent creature. He will be getting his own section soon.

Is the convention only for the Nordic countries?
While the convention may be taking place in Sweden and be most easily accessible by residents of the Nordic countries, we consider ourselves an international convention. We would love to see attendees from all over the world!

What language will the convention be in?
While taking place in Sweden, the official language used at the convention is English.

When will the convention start on Thursday (March 9th)?
The opening ceremony will take place on Thursday (March 9th) at 14:00, marking the official opening of the convention. Fun things will, however, still go on before then.

Do you offer day tickets during the convention?
Yes we do. A (non-residential) day ticket costs 500 SEK, as long as we are not full. Please see the prices page for more information.



The convention's official mascot is Mausie, a curious rat-like creature with a penchant for cheese and mischief. Don't worry, he usually does not bite attendees... unless they happen to be holding a delicious wheel of camembert.

Mausie, the convention mascot