The NordicFuzzCon 2017 Charity: Fågelcentralen

Rehabilitation and Release of wild birds in Sweden

NordicFuzzCon is proud to present our charity for 2017: Fågelcentralen (The Bird Central). In the past, NordicFuzzCon has taken on dogs, cats and even hedgehogs. Now it is time to direct our attention to animals of the avian variety – birds!

Fågelcentralen is located on the west coast of Sweden and specialises in taking care of wild birds in need with the help of private donations and sales of their annual ornithological calendar.

Birds that are found hurt or ill are brought to the care center by volunteers for professionals to diagnose and treat the animals until their final end goal can be reached – release back into nature.

Fågelcentralen was established in 1987 by The Gothenburg Ornithological Society with a primary mission to save the (at the time) endangered Peregrine, which was a great success. The facility was repurposed as a bird care center working in tandem with veterinarians, ornithologists and animal caretakers to save as many hurt birds as possible, many belonging to endangered species or species with dwindling populations due to loss of habitat and human activity.

The central took in more than 1600 birds in 2016 alone, and they keep doing a fantastic job with the little funds they have. But they could do a lot more if they had more funds. And this is why they need your help!

How can you help?

  • Donate an item or commission to the charity lottery or art auction by submitting it here (you can also submit on site, but pre-registration, if possible, is much preferred)
  • Buy lottery tickets in the Lottery Booth in the lobby
  • Bid on items with 100% for charity in the Art Show (looks for the charity section) and in the live auction
  • Donate to the collecting charity fursuiters at the convention
  • You can also visit their homepage and donate there
  • Attend the panel “Meet the Charity” and hear about their work. Here you can also get an update on what the charity money we raised last year has been spent on

You can read more about Fågelcentralen on their website (site available in Swedish only).