Convention Tickets

The convention has 3 types of tickets,
Normal attendee

The convention ticket includes access to all free events during the convention as well as a copy of the official conbook.

The 1-day ticket only gives you access to the convention for one day, as the name implies. You do not need to specify which day you'll be attending when registering; the ticket will be activated upon arrival. You can also show up and buy the ticket on-location.

You can read below about the different upgrades under the sponsor section.


Additional Add-Ons



Sponsorships are for those who want to support the convention and give a bit more to help take over the world make NordicFuzzCon become even more awesome! As a thank you we include a few fun perks and souvenirs, as described below.

Sponsor Upgrade

  • Special badge design.
  • A special mention on the webpage.
  • The official NFC 2017 attendee t-shirt.
  • A sponsor-only sticker for the provided sticker badge.
  • The option to buy a ticket for the sponsor-only ice cream buffet event (extra fee).

Super-Sponsor Upgrade

  • An even more special badge design.
  • Quick on-site check-in with our super-sponsor fast track.
  • A special mention in the conbook and on the webpage.
  • The official NFC 2017 attendee t-shirt.
  • Tiered exclusive gift. *
  • Free access to the sponsor-only ice cream buffet event.
  • Early access to select events.
  • Early access to the Dealers' Den and the Art Show.
  • Assorted knick-knacks, like a super-sponsor only sticker for the provided sticker badge.

Limited Edition Gifts

* All our super-sponsors will also get a special limited edition gift from us. And the best is: the more super-sponsors we get the better this set of gifts will be! One [censored! top secret!] is there for you in any case. If we hit 150 super-sponsors we will add another gift, and at 250 super-sponsors it will become even better. The tiered extra gifts will be announced when we hit the threshold number.

Tier 1 (150 super-sponsors): Bonus gift! Unlocked.
Tier 2 (250 super-sponsors): An even better bonus gift! Currently locked.

Previous Years' T-Shirts

Previous years' NordicFuzzCon t-shirts!
Sample t-shirts from previous NFCs.


Standard Sponsor Super-Sponsor
Convention ticket X X X
Conbook + pocket program X X X
NFC 2017 t-shirt extra fee X X
Sponsor convention badge + lanyard - X -
Sponsor sticker (for the sticker badge) - X -
Ice cream buffet - extra fee X
Special mention on website - X X
Special mention in conbook - - X
Super-Sponsor convention badge + lanyard - - X
Super-sponsor sticker (for the sticker badge) - - X
Tiered super-sponsor gift * - - X
Fast-tracked on-site check-in - - X
Early access to select events - - X
Early access to Dealers’ Den - - X
Early access to the Art Show - - X