Once you have registered and paid your invoice (or have started paying your installments), you will be able to create room shares with other attendees. If you have not paid your invoice (or have not started paying your installments) you will be unable to join or create room shares. 

Only the one who initiated the room share will be able to add additional people to a room share.

If you are not part of a room share, you will be given a random room sharing partner. Likewise if a room share has not reached its full capacity (e.g. a room share for a Family Superior 5 people room has only 3 verified room sharing partners), other randomly selected attendees sharing the same room category will occupy the remaining spots together with you in the room.

To share a room with someone, your room sharing partners need to have the same room category during the same dates.

You will need to create separate room shares for super early arrival, early arrival, late departure, and the main convention dates. If you add the full three extra nights to your booking, then that's a total of four separate room sharesThis means that you can switch room types and room sharing partners for each of the four bulks, if you so wish. If you do wish to have the same room sharing partners for the duration, you will need to be together in room shares for all of the four bulks. This system is implemented because we do not have exclusive access to the hotel during the super early arrival, early arrival, and late departure days.

For example, if you and your friend both have a Standard Double room, have both included late departure to your booking, and wish to share the room for the duration, you will need to create two different room shares: one for the main convention days, and one for the late departure day. If you wish to share the room with the same person for both, you will need to create or verify two room shares (create if you are the one initiating the room share; verify if you didn't create the room share but was added to the room share).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected].