All major Swedish banks have started a collaboration for simpler, faster money transfers among people and organisations. This collaboration is an app called Swish. The app enables money to be sent and received instantly, regardless of your bank!

We at NordicFuzzCon embrace Swish: It's very fast and convenient, and we encourage all of you Swedish furs out there to pay your NordicFuzzCon invoice using Swish instead of a credit card or regular bank transfer! In order to do this, you will need to activate Swish for your Swedish bank account. You can do this through your Internet bank or by calling your bank.

When you activate Swish you will have to decide on a a limit for the maximum amount of money you can spend in any one day. This can be changed later. You may have to set this limit sufficiently large to comfortably pay for your NFC room and registration with any extras. Alternatively, most banks let you specify a different limit for one specific day only, which can be useful when you need to buy something more expensive like the NordicFuzzCon hotel and convention ticket. You can increase your limit for one day only by contacting your bank.

So how do I pay my NordicFuzzCon hotel and ticket with Swish?
It's super easy! All you need to do is enter the NordicFuzzCon Swish number, listed under My Booking once you have completed your registration. Open the Swish app and write the total amount, the NordicFuzzCon Swish number, and your invoice number (listed next to NordicFuzzCon's Swish number). Then press the "Betala" button to pay. Done!

Who can use Swish?
Anyone who has a Swedish bank account.

How long does it take to transfer money for the hotel room and convention ticket?
All in all, with typing in the Swish number, total amount, and the invoice number... roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute. After that, the actual transfer is virtually instant.

This sounds interesting, please tell me more about Swish!
Swish has a neat website that guides you through the set-up process on your bank and mobile device, what banks are supported, and how to pay. The website can be found here: