NordicFuzzCon 2017 will take place at the sugoi (凄い) Scandic Infra City just south of Upplands Näsby, which is conveniently located between Stockholm and the airport.

Our venue is a ten-minute bus ride from the nearest railway station. From Stockholm we are 25 minutes by car, 45 minutes with public transport. 20 minutes from the airport with taxi, 30 minutes with public transport. Good news is, the bus stop is right outside the hotel.

The first things that greets you in the hotel is the indoor jungle, with thematic koi pond and balustrade all around. Fursuit friendly escalators lead to the second floor with the conference area. Elevators lead to the abundant rooms in the tower, with extensive nooks and crannies for semi social hideouts. Many different styles of room exists, ranging from affordable twin rooms to extensive lounges. The spa section has a sauna, gym and a moist pool. The bar is in the middle of the jungle, just outside the ballroom. You can step directly out of it and into the bar. The hotel offers free WiFi, towels, and two pianos. Paid for parking is available in the nearby garage.

Hotel address:
Scandic Infra City
Kanalvägen 10
Upplands Väsby Stockholm

Hotel website

Hotel rooms

The hotel offers several different room types. You can read more about them here.


Hotel FAQ

Does the hotel require a deposit at check-in?
Yes. More information will follow.
Are pets allowed in the hotel?
Yes, please contact [email protected] before you book and do not forget to tick the checkbox during registration. If the pet is not a service animal (like a seeing eye dog) an extra cleaning fee might apply. Also, non-companion pets are not generally allowed in the hotel outside of the room, but you can inquire with the hotel staff how and when you can bring them out. 
Is it allowed to bring food and drinks into the hotel rooms?
Yes. However, it is not permitted to eat or drink your own consumables outside of your room.
Do the rooms have a minibar?
A few of the larger rooms have a minibar, it is recommended that you get a powered cooler bag or similar if you wish to keep consumables cool.
How long will "do-not-disturb" signs be respected?
Until it is taken down, but if it is up past 11:00 (am) your room might not be cleaned that day.
Are room parties allowed?
Room parties are allowed as long as other attendees are not disturbed. Please keep the noise down after midnight.
Will there be party rooms?
There will be a party wing like last year. These will be listed separately during the registration.
Will there be breakfast offered at the hotel?
The hotel offers breakfast. This is included in the price for all residential attendees. If you do not have a room at the hotel you can still partake in the breakfast buffet for a fee, to be paid directly to the hotel on site.
Do you have rooms available which are suited for handicapped furs?
Please contact [email protected] before you book.
Can I book an entire room for myself?
Yes, but for those wishing to have a room for oneself we recommend going with the dedicated single rooms. Please send your inquiries to [email protected].
How does (super) early arrival/late departure work?
Please check back later for more information.
Will there be free WiFi?
The hotel is offering free WiFi for all attendees at the convention.