What Are Furries?

Furries are fans of anthropomorphic animals. An anthropomorphic animal is an animal with human-like characteristics. This includes many classic cartoon and comic book characters, such as Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Sweden's very own Bamse. Anthropomorphic animals are a part of our everyday lives, and they have been a part of human culture for thousands of years from the Egyptian god Anubis to werewolves in folklore.

Most furries have a personal species. This is a species they identify with, and which they will use as an avatar to represent themselves online and in the real world. Some also choose more fantastical creatures as their personal avatars, including dragons and unicorns, or even impossible crossbreeds such as folfs (fox combined with wolf; similar to the Disney cartoon series The Wuzzles). These become personal characters, often with some added unique distinguishing characteristics like clothing accessories or fur patterns, and they are usually referred to as their fursona. It is common for furries to get artwork made of their fursonas, and some even get complete costumes made based on these anthropomorphic avatars. These animal costumes are commonly referred to as fursuits.

Over the last few decades, furry has become its own thriving international fandom. Every year there are several dozen furry conventions being organized all over the world. At these conventions, furries gather to meet or make friends, to create and sell art, to dress up and cosplay as their fursonas, and to simply to have a good time. Often, conventions will collect and donate money to animal-related charities.

The largest furry convention is Anthrocon in the USA, which had over 7000 registered attendees in 2016. The very first furry convention was ConFurence, which was first held in 1989.

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