There are many words for it: ‘atmosphere’, ‘the feeling of belonging’ or simply ‘magic’. But they all refer to the same thing: How a place feels. People seek out different atmospheres for a myriad reasons, be it spiritual, educational, commercial interest, or something else entirely. Some people – or rather, animals – seek out a special sort of atmosphere. The sort of atmosphere only a furry convention could provide.

So, what is this atmosphere? What makes it so special? Is it the ambience of the hotel rooms, or the walls, floor, and ceiling of the convention center? Yes that is a good starting point. But more than this, the atmosphere is created by all of you!

NordicFuzzCon 2017 gathered a total of 832 people from 29 different countries around the world, and every single one brought their own unique blend of culture, perspective, and experiences in life. Instead of frowning at these differences, furries embrace, and turn it into opportunities to share, teach, and learn. The convention accomplishes this by enabling anyone to enter the stage, and the outcome is a wide assortment of events that range from humble presentations, to beautiful performances that take ages to finalize.

NordicFuzzCon 2018 will strive to be more fantastic, more embracing and more full of wonder than ever before! There will be dancing bears and singing foxes, there will be food, friends, fun and endless hugs. There will be moments of magic provided by the convention. The question is – what will you bring?

Creating magic is done in unison between the convention and the attendees. Although we draw upon our skillsets, we also put aside parts of ourselves. A transformation takes place. Old names are shed, new ones take their place, and we roam the hallways. This is one part of what spurs the unbridled level of creativity that is found within the fandom, and it is also what enables the magic of fursuits. Fueled by a spirit of creativity, fursuits become a tool to assume the form of something else.

It holds the power to make people stop in their tracks, it beckons people to smile, and even the simple wave of a paw can stir laughter. In essence, the fursuit manages to be innocent, yet so unrelenting in how it breaks social norms that it can melt even the most stoic of hearts.

The result is a vibrant community of actors, artisans, musicians, artists, and storytellers that have stumbled upon something truly unique: How to be fans of one another.

Dip your toes if you are cautious, immerse yourself if you are willing, let the atmosphere take you where you want to be, and unless absolutely necessary, do not ruin the magic.