What can you see? What enters your mind's eye, when you think of South America?

Do you see the lush, thick jungles, the lungs of our planet?

Do you see tall pyramids, their great steps towering over the trees?

What's that? Is it a hint of danger? There's adventure in the air.

Something stirs in the trees. A big, black shadow creeps towards us. Is it a wild beast? Large round ears and big white teeth poke through the undergrowth. Mausie emerges, wearing a brown fedora. He points to his map and squeaks.

We've arrived at El Dorado, the fabled City of Gold.

It was said to have existed in pre-Western Colombia, founded by the Muisca people. Some say El Dorado began life as a golden man in a lake – then tales built it into a city, and then an empire!

However, despite its fame, despite the vast riches it's said to possess, none have discovered it. Not a stick or stone of it , nor any glimmer of gold, have yet been uncovered.

Adventurers through the centuries have certainly tried – even such notables as Pedro de Ursúa, Lope de Aguirre and Sir Walter Raleigh – but none have met with success. A great many more never returned home.

Will you?*

*(We understand you – we never want to leave the conventions, either!)