Ah, there's nothing like hearing a ritual chant in the morning, to let you know you've done something “rite”!

All around the convention, you'll notice that the natives of El Dorado have left mysterious mystic boxes scattered about, usually near Portals of Safe Progression (a.k.a doors, to you and me). These boxes, when scanned with your NFC conbadge, will emit the ancient tribal greeting: bl'ip.

If the gods look upon you favourably, or if you complete certain rites correctly, the mystic boxes will announce the name of the rite, known to the ancient tribe as Ah'kheivmen'tz.

Ahkheivmen'tz can be simple, such as activating your card immediately after a member of the STEW has done so; or perhaps if you have an hallucination, see two Mausies and ask them both to scan their card before you scan yours.

Some of these ancient Ahkheivmen'tz rites are so old, they have been lost to the ages and won't be inscribed in your survival leaflet. It's down to you, to dig about and re-discover them.

Get going, archaeologist!