Tabletop Gaming

“Card- & boardgames will be available at tables near the arcade room and in a dedicated room for more focused sessions. Feel free to bring your own games as well and schedule sessions with your friends and/or other attendees.”

Upcoming Events:

Dungeons & Dragons Tournament

The gaming team at NordicFuzzCon 2018 is offering a chance to take part in a tournament of roleplaying and tactical skill. You and two friends can compete against other parties of adventurers to venture as far as possible through a deadly dungeon.

Somewhere among the ancient jungles of a distant and dangerous land, a trio of adventurers find themselves trapped in a deadly ziggurat of the forgotten gods. Only by outwitting the insidious traps and vile denizens can you hope to claim the title of champion!

The tournament will use D&D 5th edition rules and will take approximately 2.5 hours per game, players have a 2 hour time limit to complete the dungeon and will be scored based on a number of factors. Parties will consist of 3 members and are scored as a group, not individually.

Dungeon Masters wanted! We are looking for a couple of other Dungeon Masters to share the running of this game and who are interested in making this a memorable and enjoyable event!