Many rare and beautiful beasts stalk the wild jungles that skirt El Dorado. The natives enjoy a good hunt, as part of their entertainment. They've asked if you'd like to join them in their local grand hunt, which they call Go'takhatzemol*.

How it works is very simple: volunteer fursuiters at the convention will act as your “prey”. These luxurious walking trophies will have a special number on their fursuit badge. When you find a 'suiter stalking El Dorado, politely request to see their badge.

You enter this special badge number into your account on the NFC website – thus “capturing” the sleek critter. The aim of this game is to find as many critters as you can, hopefully impressing the natives at the same time! The one who finds the most will be declared the winner at the closing ceremony.

Fursuiters can make “prey” applications when they register for their Fursuit badges (though they're free to opt-out, of course).

*The tribe used to hunt small, easily storable (and rather adorable) monsters. “Gotta catch 'em all”, right? But when the High Priest didn't show up to perform the Winter Sacrifice in 500 AD, the then-Chief declared that less-addictive prey would be selected for all future Go'takhatzemol hunts.