The Dead Dog Party is traditionally a furry convention's last hurrah, taking place after the convention has officially ended and giving attendees one final chance to shake their tails and party like there's no tomorrow. But to properly party, you need to fill up on nutrients. We give you the Dying Dog Dinner – the convention's penultimate hurrah!

The Dying Dog Dinner is a two course fancier dinner done in old Scandinavian academical tradition with a sit down dinner and dessert, interjected by entertainment and songs as well as buying your own drink. This will all take place from 17 to 20 on Sunday, March 4th. The dinner is for pre booked attendees only but the Dead Dog Party afterwards is open to everyone.

The price can be found here and the ticket is ordered online when you book your attending and room for NordicFuzzCon (the Dinner can be added to your registration later by e-mailing [email protected]). Tickets may be available on-location as well, but in a limited quantity. So make sure you get your ticket during registration if you know you want to participate!