NordicFuzzCon and our friends at Furry Weekend Atlanta are over the Pyramid of the Moon to announce the amazing costumer Laura “Kazul G Fox” Mercer as Guest of Honour for NFC 2018 as well as FWA 2018! She is an extraordinary cosplayer, fursuiter, and the winner of the 2017 BlizzCon costume contest. Kazul hails from Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA.She has been an artist since a young age and has continued to grow the breadth and depth of her skills her whole life.

Using these skills, which she learned from her seamstress mother and sculptor grandmother, Kazul began constructing costumes in college, where she went to school for 3D art and animation. Her first costume was a cougar mascot for her school’s juggling club, and since then she has expanded her repertoire by creating fursuits and cosplays. In recent years, her focus has been on creating creature cosplay projects with a focus on hiding the human form. She believes that cosplay is the most fun when you can embrace your inner beast and become the creature you are trying to portray. Kazul encourages others to do this by creating tutorial videos and opening sharing techniques and more to inspire people to start cosplaying.

Kazul has received multiple awards at BlizzCon, as well as at DragonCon and other conventions. She brings a wealth of cosplay and costuming knowledge with her. Her jaw-dropping fursuits and lovely personality make her a both impressive and approachable person, whom we are very proud to host. She cannot wait to share her skills with us so that there will be more creature costumes running around.So join us for a Pre-Columbian Jungle Adventure in El Dorado February 28 - March 4 2018 in Stockholm!

Blizzcon 2017