The Haunted House returns

The journey to the legendary city of El Dorado is a treacherous one, filled with dangers and death. Find your way through the darkest jungles and along the steepest cliffs. Escape the ferocious beasts, the powerful gods and fiendish traps that lay in wait for you. Will greed overcome your sense of survival, can you become worthy of El Dorados challenge? The decision is yours. After last year’s success of the cursed fursuit lounge, we are happy to announce we will be returning, this time bringing you the Curse of Montezuma! No not that one! Well,!

This time we aim to bring you an even more frightening experience than before, with more scares and more chances to die! There will be sacrifice, mysteries to uncover, multiple paths to tread, and of course: Monsters!

Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in trying out your scaring skills, helping with construction and setup or just cleaning up after the event we have need of your help! You will get a guaranteed time slot at the haunt as a reward. Stay tuned for an announcement about how to apply!

Dare to meet them inside your favourite haunted house?