Here at NordicFuzzcon, we feel that many local artists, crafters, writers, musicians, performers and others of the creative persuasion aren't getting the recognition they deserve, so we hope to boost the best of our home-grown talents and showcase some of the brightest lights in the Scandinavian skies. We have christened these special guests our "Northern Lights", and each year, a select one of these will be exhibiting portions of their work at NFC and hosting panels about them, and will add a local Scandinavian flavour to the con.

Next in line to step into our limelight is Therese (“Tess”) Larsson, whom some of you may remember from the earlier days of the fandom as the artist named named "Ailah", represented as a grey wolf. Therese was originally from a small town in rural Hälsingland, and animals have been a considerable inspiration throughout her life, as well as heavily influencing her art. From the age of fifteen onwards, she was particularly known in the fandom for drawing realistic anthro wolves.

Starting out as a traditional artist, Therese worked in mediums such pencils, oils, pastels, and aquarelles. In 2006, she made the transition into digital art, though she still enjoys dabbling in traditional media from time to time. She is now a respected freelance illustrator based in Stockholm, who specialises in character design and realism, and works mainly in the field of advertising, doing final art, logotypes, book design, storyboarding for film, and general concept art. As always, expressive and highly-detailed animal characters are her forte!

During the course of her varied and colorful career, Therese has had the pleasure of working with such distinctive clients as Adidas, Bosch, Cheetos, Coca Cola, Digital Artist Magazine, Disney, Electrolux, Google, Heinz, IKEA, Läkerol, mAx, McDonald’s, Media Markt, Metro, Nordea, SAS, Scania, Siemens, Skoda, Sony Ericsson, TV4 Film, Telia, Toyota, Tropicana, Vattenfall, Volkswagen, WWF, Åhléns, and many more; this is just small fraction. If you’d like a complete list, as well as a glimpse of more of her lovely works, please follow the links below.

We at NFC believe that Therese’s place in the spotlight is highly-deserved, and thus are delighted to have the chance to host our own showcase of her work at NFC. Therese is happy to be joining us at NFC, and is looking forward to meeting and greeting her fellow artists, both old friends and new, so please make sure to drop by and say hello, as well as visit her panels if you can!


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