This page provides answers to common questions regarding the NordicFuzzCon hotels. Please read it carefully. If your question concerns a specific hotel, you might also want to check out the pages about the main convention hotel and its hotel rooms, or the second hotel and its room information. There is also a dedicated page for information about room sharing.

Does the hotel require a deposit at check-in?

No, this is not required by any of the hotels.

Will there be free WiFi?

The main hotel and the second hotel offer free WiFi for all persons attending the convention. As the WiFi might be crowded, we ask people to try and limit themselves to just one device each.

What about parking?

Parking is free at the second hotel. It is our understanding that the main hotel charges about 100 SEK per day for parking, with a possibility that weekends might be discounted.

Do you have rooms available which are suited for handicapped furs?

Yes, there is a limited amount of rooms for this in both hotels. Please make sure to contact [email protected] before you book!

Are pets and animals allowed in the hotels?

Yes, but only in certain areas and special rules apply. Please contact [email protected] before you book and do not forget to tick the appropriate checkbox during registration. If you are bringing a pet, and not a service animal (like a seeing eye dog), cleaning fees might apply.

The second hotel has an entire floor for rooms with pets. If you are severely allergic it is good to inform [email protected] so they can make sure you do not end up on this floor.

Do the hotels offer breakfast?

If you are a residential attendee (i.e., you have a room spot in one of our hotels), breakfast at your hotel is included in the price. If you do not have a room at the main hotel you can still partake in their breakfast buffet for a fee, to be paid directly to the hotel on site.

Is it allowed to bring food and drinks into the hotel rooms?

Yes. However, it is not permitted to eat or drink your own consumables outside of your room.

Do the rooms have a minibar?

A few of the larger rooms in our hotels have a small minibar, but most rooms do not have one. We recommend that you get a powered cooler bag or similar if you wish to keep consumables cool.

How long will "do-not-disturb" signs be respected?

Do-not-disturb signs will be respected until they are taken down, but if they are up past 11:00 in the morning, your room might not be cleaned on that day. Also, please do not leave do-not-disturb signs up three days in a row – the hotel would very much like to get access to tidy up your room for you.

Are room parties allowed?

Room parties are allowed as long as they do not disturb other people staying in the hotel. Please keep the noise down after midnight.

Will there be party rooms?

Yes, there is a party wing in the main hotel. Rooms in the party wing will be listed separately during registration. Remember to use the designated elevators near the auditorium to access the party wing, and to not make noise in the non-party corridor. For more information, see our dedicated party wing page.

How does early arrival/late departure work?

Early arrival gives you an extra hotel night before the convention. Late departure allows you to stay one night longer. These are extras that can be selected during the registration process, with add-on costs as listed on our Prices page.

Unlike the main days of the convention, there is no waiting list for early arrival or late departure days. If your selected room type is not available on these days, we will complete your booking for the main days (if possible) without the sold-out extra days. Afterwards, you can contact [email protected] to switch your accommodation to a room type that has rooms available, or to remove all accommodation from the booking (preferably before you pay, since no refunds are provided).

Can I arrive on the Sunday/Monday before the convention?
Can I depart on the Tuesday after the convention?

Yes you can. The main hotel has graciously provided us with some rooms for this purpose, which are available for booking at the same room price as ordinary early arrival or late departure. The reservation and room sharing process for these rooms is different, however:

To request a room for Sunday arrival, Monday arrival, and/or Tuesday departure, please send an e-mail to [email protected] after completing your registration. There is no waiting list in case rooms are unavailable on these days. The offer is limited to a small number of room types; in particular, only regular twin rooms are part of the offer on all days.

Please note that regular room sharing rules apply and that you are applying for one spot in a room, not an entire room (unless the room in question is a single room). With your request you should also specify whom you would like to share the room with, since you yourself cannot set up room sharing through our regular electronic system on these non-convention days. Keep in mind that your potential roommate(s) for those days also have to apply for the same room type on the exact same days as you for this to work.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with my room?

Please politely tell the hotel front desk about the issues you are having with your room, as they might be able to help you resolve these. If, for example, your room is too hot, you could get a key to open a window; if it's too cold, the hotel might have heaters you can borrow. If you feel like someone else should handle this matter for you, ask someone from NFC staff and crew nicely, if they don't seem too busy.

Do you still have a question?

If you cannot find the answer you seek here (or on the other pages linked at the top of this page), or if anything is unclear, please e-mail your questions to [email protected].