Please read this page carefully, since it answers many common questions about how room sharing works at NordicFuzzCon.

Can I book an entire room for myself?

No. If you book a spot in a multi-person room, you will need to share your room with other convention attendees. Those wishing to have a room for themselves need to try to book a dedicated single room.

When can I set up room sharing?

Once you have paid for your booking (or have started paying your instalments), you will be able to create room shares with other attendees. If you have not paid your booking (or have not started paying your instalments) you will be unable to join or create room shares. The last day to establish and finalise room shares is February 9th.

How do I set up a room share?

First log in to the NordicFuzzCon website and navigate to your room share page. Select the period for which you wish to arrange room sharing (e.g., "main days") in the dropdown menu. (Note that menu entries are not arranged chronologically.) Then enter the badge number of the person you wish to share a room with and click "Send Invite". The person you invited will now receive your invitation via e-mail, and can navigate to their room share page to accept or decline the request. Everyone involved will also receive confirmation e-mails when room share invitations are sent, accepted, or declined.

It is only possible to share a room with other (paid) attendees who to have the same room category as you. For rooms with a capacity greater than two people, you will need to repeat the above process of sending out room share invitations and having them be accepted in order to fill your room. Note that only the person who initiated a room share (by sending the first accepted invitation) will be able to send additional invitations to add more people to the room share.

Is there anything special about early arrival and late departure?

You will need to create separate room shares for early arrival, late departure, and the main convention dates. If you add both these extra nights to your booking, that makes a total of three separate room shares. This means that you can switch room sharing partners for each of these three periods, if you so desire, though you might have to move rooms between periods. If you wish to have the same roommates for the entire duration of your stay, you will need to create several separate but identical room shares, one for each individual period, to which you invite the same people. This system is implemented because we do not have exclusive access to the hotel outside the main days of the convention days.

For example, if you and your friend both have a Standard Double room, both of you have included late departure in your booking, and you both wish to share the room for the entire duration of your stay, you will need to create two different room shares: one for the main convention days, and one for the late departure day. You will then need to create and accept (create if you are the one initiating the room share; accept the invitation you didn't create the room share but was added to the room share) two room shares, one for each day.

How can I find other persons whom I can share a room with?

NordicFuzzCon has implemented a special "solo room share finder" for this very purpose! Here's how to use it:

Log in to the NordicFuzzCon website and navigate to your room share page. Select the period for which you wish to find a roommate in the dropdown menu. Then scroll down the page and click on "Toggle Visibility", so that the text says "You are currently visible to other attendees". This makes it possible for other people looking for roommates to find you! You may wish to do this for multiple periods in the list if there's more than period for which you are looking for a roommate.

Next, click the text Find Room Share page to go to the room share finder. By choosing a period of interest in the dropdown list, you will see a list of other available persons and unfilled room shares for than period. If you spot something interesting, you can click "Send message" next to a list entry to compose a message to that attendee (or to the contact person for existing, open room shares). Don't forget to enter your preferred contact information before sending your message, as there is no feature for replying to messages in our system! Upon sending, the person you contacted will receive an e-mail with your message and contact information, and you can continue the discussion from there.

Apart from the room share finder, you may also find a roommate through the designated section of our web forum, or by posting a request for roommates to your favourite social media.

What happens if I don't select a roommate?

If you are not part of a room share when the room sharing system closes on February 9th, you will be given a random room sharing partner for the period(s) when your room isn't full. Likewise, if a room share has not reached its full capacity at the end of the 9th (e.g., a room share for a Family Extra four-person room has only two verified room sharing partners), other randomly selected attendees sharing the same room category will occupy the remaining spots together with you in the room.

How does room sharing work before early arrival and after late departure?

As explained in our hotel FAQ, there is a limited amount of rooms spots available on the non-convention days before early arrival and after late departure. These can only be booked by contacting registration directly via e-mail. The same prices, conditions, and restrictions as for regular extra nights (early arrival and late departure) apply.

After any such extra night nights have been added to your booking, they will become visible on your booking page. However, our regular electronic room sharing is not available for these nights. If you book any such additional nights, you must specify whom you want to share a room as part of your booking request to registration. Your intended roommate must do the same thing, and send us the same information. If you don't specify a roommate, or if your suggested roommates(s) are unavailable, you will be assigned a random roommate.

Do you still have a question?

If you have questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected].

If your question was not mentioned on this page, it might be answered elsewhere on our site. You might want to take a look at our page dedicated to other frequently asked hotel-related questions which are not about room sharing. If your question concerns a specific hotel, you could also check out the pages about the main convention hotel and its rooms, the party wing in the main hotel, or the second hotel and its room information.