Hi there!

I'm Mausie, and the official mascot of Nordicfuzzcon. I'm a rat-mouse hybrid, more commonly known as a raus.

In the beginning I mostly stuck to the background. Either showing up in conbooks, or sneaking around in the form of a plushie[1]. However, in 2012 I decided to start helping around, meeting attendees, attending events and being a general nuisance around the NordicFuzzCon STEW (STaff and crEW). In 2014 NordicFuzzCon even made a large inflatable version of me[2]. This version doesn't talk nor do much, just hanging around with a dedicated fan. This was the same year I also got to star in my very own music video, Cheese party[6]

Else I enjoy attending other conventions and events. Giving hugs[3], meeting other mascots[4], entering game shows and handing out pizza[5].

If you want to contact me you can visit me on Twitter or FurAffinity, or contact me through Telegram @NFC_Mausie, or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. I've also gotten my very own reference sheet here.