Floating Christmas Smörgåsbord (Buffét)

This year we have gone all-out to offer a special trip for you! In the previous years, NFC has organised excursions to Stockholm giving you the chance to see the zoo, the historical museum at Skansen, the center of town by day and by the scary ghost-filled night. But there is one place we have not yet taken you! This year, you get the chance to see the picturesque winter city from the waterside!

This year's excursion will be a grand triplet of the amazing waterfront of the capital of Sweden, the unique flavours of traditional Swedish food in a massive Smörgåsbord and a boat trip, seeing the winter sun set over Stockholm and how the winter lights of the magic city make the snow twinkles in the dark. No refunds if the Aurora Borealis is not seen though.

We start off with a bus trip from the hotel to Stockholm where we rent a classic archipelago ship that will take us out on a tour for a few hours while enjoying a Smörgåsbord of Swedish Christmas delicacies, all of which are prepared by the ship's own amazing chef team. To top it off, we will also provide you with some furry entertainment. So join your friends and meet new ones, while eating delicious Swedish food and watch the winter town slide slowly by.

An interactive map where you can look around inside the ship is available here.

A limited number of tickets are available for this excursion, so make sure you book early during reg; the price is listed on the Prices page.

This will also be the last excursion in Stockholm that we do.

Want to fursuit and take some nice scenery images?
Go right ahead. The staff will be delighted.
On the ship there are some cabins. These cabins will be open and shared by everyone that need to change into fursuit. We can promise you a nice cool atmosphere to play around in, just don't go for a swim :-)

Will there be heating?
Last year we had the ghost walk experience which was a bit on the chilly side. This year, we promise that there will be indoor heating and some additional blankets for those that want to go out on deck or feel a bit cold.

When will this take place and how long will the boat trip be?
Like all our previous excursions, this also takes place on the early arrival day. This means Tuesday the 26th of February. The bus departs from the Scandic Infra City hotel at NEW TIME 14:40.
The boat trip is 4 hours and the bus trip takes about 30 minutes per direction. Once onboard you have the chance to fursuit, take pictures of Stockholm and enjoy the scenery as we disembark the pier. After an hour of sightseeing the Smörgåsbord will be prepared along with some entertainment.

I am just arriving by the FuzzBus, will I make it?
Yes, you can leave your luggage in the hotel storage room and check in later to both the convention and the hotel. From the arrival of the FuzzBus number 2, you have roughly 20 minutes until the bus for the Floating Christmas Smörgåsbord departs. Just make sure to bring your fursuit if you wish to take some nice photos :-)

* All spaces must be sold for this excursion otherwise it might be cancelled and you will be refunded upon check-in.