Northern Light

An illustration of a wolf in a forest made by our Northern LightEirik Eikeland (Oakspirit)

NordicFuzzCon is delighted to introduce Eirik “Oakspirit” Eikeland (known simply as Oaks), who will be our Northern Light for 2019. A highly talented Norwegian artist, Oaks draws inspiration from the deep well of life, especially from wildlife and the natural world, with particular reference to Nordic themes and culture. His black & white sketches are well-known within the Scandinavian furry fandom.

Oaks’ repertoire is not limited to the digital realm. Around 2014 he fell in love with traditional art, and by 2016 he was making paintings and graphite drawings. He is as proficient in Photoshop software as he is in physical arts and crafts. Both the furry fandom and private companies have requested his services since he started working freelance in 2016 – and this has long since become his full-time job.

An illustration of a squirrel in a tree made by our Northern Light

His real passion is painting, but on the side he has had a variety of gigs; from medicinal illustration to storyboards for advertising companies. His dream job would be to illustrate for a science/nature magazine, or maybe a graphic novel. We are quite simply excited to have him on board, so that we can host our own showcase of his work at NFC.

Oaks will be holding panels to demonstrate his different techniques, and will also be on hand to offer his own tips and tricks for those budding artists among us out there!

You can check out his artwork online: