Tabletop Role Playing Games

Following the success of the Dungeons and Dragons game last year NordicFuzzCon are expanding the role playing game track to include several game systems and settings.

Whether you are a seasoned roleplayer or are just interested to try out tabletop role playing games there is something for you. The Gaming team and helpers will be running a number of sessions over the period of the convention suitable for anyone, from dungeon delving to star wars space adventure!

A poster for NFC's role playing games

Check the section below to see descriptions of the games and details on the current list of games; once you've decided which ones you want to attend, head to the sign up section at the bottom of the page for information about registering.


There will be a couple of panels for those interested in role play games to meet up and discuss them.

Role Play Game Meet and Greet

A chance for anyone who is interested in tabletop RPGs to meet other players, discuss their favourite types of games or just learn what the hobby is all about. This will be a general roundtable and folks are welcome to speak about the games they love or bring along examples.

There will also be discussion of the games we are offering at the convention and a last chance to sign up for games which still have spaces.

Role playing game character sheet and dice

Game Master Roundtable

Whether you are an experienced dungeon master or a novice Keeper of Call of Cthulhu, this event is for GMs to swap ideas on how to handle troublesome players, or discuss their favourite styles of play. It is open to anyone who wants to run games or wants to share their knowledge. The session will include advice from fellow GMs but also a chance to express your own ideas on what makes a good style of gaming.

Roster of Games

Newbie Friendly Game

  • Time: Wednesday 27th February 19:00-23:00
  • GM: Apcarnist
  • System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Unable to find the introduction to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition you’ve wanted at a local game store? Intimidated complex looking character sheets or dice? Played different RPGs or older editions and want to just give 5E a shot? Here is your one(-shot)-stop shop!

Come join this introduction to the wonderful game where the only thing you need to bring is a desire to play and your imagination. Dice, a pre-made character, and a welcoming atmosphere will be provided as you will be able to dive head-first into adventure for fame, glory, and, most importantly, treasure!

The Coming Storm

  • Time: Thursday 28th February 10:00-13:00
  • GM: Helios Inferno
  • System: Dragonstorm, homebrew

Characters are shapeshifters of various kinds, out for a rescue mission to infiltrate and rescue a captive elf. Primarily RP focused and newbie friendly.

Tower on the Rocks

  • Time: Thursday 28th February 14:00-18:00
  • GM: Dorve Rimfjord
  • System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Any help finding his useless hide will be rewarded!

REWARD: 1 (one) free round of ale!

Uggne, proprietor of the Thirsty Trout

Help the folks of Saltstone Wharf to relocate the very heart and soul of your favourite/only tavern. It has been several days since Kent, the bard, set his one good foot inside the locale. The barkeep Uggne worries his absence will hurt sales, and thus need you to find his whereabouts.

Winter Has Come

  • Time: Thursday 28th February 19:00-23:00
  • GM: Fenris
  • System: Pathfinder

Our Heroes have been wandering through the woods for several weeks, their food rations slowly dwindling. They've been trying to find a way back onto the road after this shortcut that turned out to be longer than expected. Finally our heroes have gotten a little bit of good fortune perhaps it was Desna who gave them her blessing or perhaps it was just Lamashtu toying with them leading them to one of her children.

No matter the circumstances our heroes needed some sort of relief, they can see a light shimmering in one of the smaller buildings, and they can hear the sound of animals coming through the wind slightly drowned out by the flow of a flowing river beyond.

Come join us as our heroes try to figure out what this place could be in this game based upon the Pathfinder RPG and Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.

Christmas shopping in the Zone

  • Time: Friday 1st March 10:00-13:00
  • GM: Helios Inferno
  • System: Mutant Year Zero

A group of mutants rediscover the meaning of christmas, as they rediscover the stories of an strange celebration by the ancients to bring hope back to the Ark.

Triskellen Godfathers

  • Time: Friday 1st March 14:00-18:00
  • GM: Roy Jackalland
  • System: Ironclaw

It’s winter time and the annual winter celebration is near. It’s not an easy time for most, especially for those who aren’t noble.

A couple of friends finds themselves in a dangerous situation where they find the baby of a noble and has to find her family.

No Christmas for Old Kobolds

  • Time: Saturday 2nd March 10:00-13:00
  • GM: Zuki
  • System: No Country for Old Kobolds

No Christmas for Old Kobolds! A kobold village in the centre of the north pole, surrounded by abominable snowmen, insane krampus, the fearsome Father of gifts and his elite elf soldiers. All of them want kobold on the table for dinner. Can your kobold heros save the village before its destroyed?

The Yuletide Star

  • Time: Saturday 2nd March 14:00-18:00
  • GM: Undig
  • System: Tales from the Loop (Yuletide Furry Homebrew Edition)

In the middle of Yuletide Eve, a group of children goes early to celebrate yuletide but as they arrive Auntie Auberi is in distress!

The Yuletide Star has gone missing and before the other children and adults arrive they have to find it and save Yuletide from being ruined!

Will Yuletide be saved, or will it forever be a mystery of where the most important, Yuletide Star disappeared?

The Night of Lord Varan

  • Time: Saturday 2nd March 18:00-23:00
  • GM: Roy Jackalland
  • System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Lord Varan, the cruel vampire is slowly killing the land with his undead army and only four adventurers can stop him now.

Heinrich Talbain (human fighter): Just as you got married to your fiance Serena, the vampire lord came and snatched her away.

Reika Shinescale (dragonborn cleric): Sent by the clergy of the moon goddess Lunei to stop the vampire lord, who’s terror needs to stop.

Rash (lizardman berserker): The vampire lord killed your whole tribe, and now you’re out to get revenge, but also making sure that the undead terror will not destroy the life of anyone else.

Bee Stinger (tabaxi ranger): The vampire lord tricked your family and took your sickly, but magically potent sister.

Cat got your Prince?

  • Time: Sunday 3rd March 10:00-13:00
  • GM: Isaac Purrtail
  • System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e, but with furry homebrew. Multiple races and classes to choose from! Some prior dnd experience preferred.

The kingdom's beloved prince has been kidnapped by a feline fiend! You've been tasked in saving his majesty, and bringing the cat to justice. After chasing him for weeks you've cornered the villain who is hiding his evil lair. There is no time to lose, as the evil marriage ritual has begun. Fight you way through his loyal minions and avoid traps, so you can save the prince before it's too late!

Trash Mammals Save Tinseltown!

  • Time: Sunday 3rd March 14:00-18:00
  • GM: Zuki
  • System: Dungeon World (Trashkin Hack)

It's a holly jolly time in the happiest town around! Well, that's what they would like you to think. But you aren't one of the cutest holly jollyest of animals on the planet. Racconkin, goat girls and half-possums are shunned for lacking the holiday spirit and so what if you just love rooting around in trash more than singing carols... is it a crime? But now a terrible plot faces the happy folks of Tinseltown and you are the only animals who are mean enough to do anything about it!

A Subway Solstice

  • Time: Sunday 3rd March 19:00-23:00
  • GM: Kanosint
  • System: Ten Candles + The Quiet Year

You remember it clearly. It was Sunday when the sun had gone dark. This was 5 days ago, no sun, no stars, no moon. The first days continued much like they had before, but when the power plants went out and generators were now vital, chaos was all that remained. Yet here you are, building a shelter in a forgotten corner of the subway tunnels, with a sturdy generator, some fuel, and candles to provide enough light to survive. The world is dark, but you are alive, and with some luck you can enjoy a lovely Christmas in this new home.

Long Arm of the Hutt

  • Time: Sunday 3rd March 19:00-23:00
  • GM: Fenris
  • System: Star Wars Edge of the empire (Fantasy Flight)

In a galaxy far far away under the scorching rays of Tatooine twin Sun
In the narrow streets of the scorching City of Mos Shuuta.
Where most people have taken cover for the midday Heat.
You can find Our Heroes running through the streets.
While being chased by several green-skinned Gamorrean guards.

Come join us to play the Star Wars Adventure, and see if our heroes can make it through the dangerous streets off Mos Shuuta in this introductory game to Star Wars edge of the empire.

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