Buffer Floors

In addition to our quiet floor, we’ll offer buffer floors. These floors are to be a buffer between the 100% quiet floors and the slightly more (though not party wing level!) noisy rooms. These are the perfect option if you like socializing during the early evening but also like to grab some sleep. You will also get the warm feeling of knowing you’re helping people in the quiet floor get their much needed sleep!


  • No room parties after 22:00
  • No music after 22:00
  • No noise in the hallways after 22:00


How do I sign up?

The option to apply for a buffer room will appear when you set up your room share.

Are single and triple rooms available?

The buffer floors consist of double rooms only. If another room type opens up, you’ll see it when you sign up for a buffer room.

Can I invite friends to my room if I have a buffer room?

Yes, but take note you’re in the buffer floor: don’t turn it into a room party with music. Normal conversation level is fine. Parties may be found in the party wing!