Hotel Rooms


  • Your room booking only entitles you to one spot in a room – not the entire room. Rooms with more than one bed spot are shared. If you wish to share a room with your partner or friend(s), then both/all of you need to book the same room type.
  • After your payment you can arrange whom you share your room with via our online room sharing system. See room sharing for more information.
  • The hotel room prices can be found here.
  • The actual rooms may differ slightly from the pictures shown below, as not all the rooms are identical. Some rooms also feature a wall-mounted or spare bed.

Standard (Single)

1-person queen bed room
The usual deal, a bathroom, with shower and a sink. A king sized bed. In some of the single rooms there is a bathtub.

Standard (Twin)

2-person twin bed room
The usual deal, a bathroom, with shower and sink. A double bed that can be separated or, a queen or king sized bed.


3-person room
Large bathroom with shower and some tiny steps down to a fold-down spare bed. This fits two in the queen size bed and one in the extra, but the activities in the third bed should take into account the structural integrity of the bed.

Superior Family

5-person room
Large bathroom with shower and towel hangers, as well as huge wardrobe, galley and plenty of workspace for a fifth bed. The first two being roomy queen-sized pieces. This room also has two levels separated with a few steps, so ensure you keep sober enough to at least navigate safely to and from your bed.

This room type is also available in the party wing.

Junior Room

6-person room
This is a massive room with a conversation pit in the middle. One proper bathroom and a smaller toilet, so no queues there. It has excellent work spaces, wardrobes and also a little galley with dining area and an electric kettle, for those who have the energy to make your own breakfasts.

Gold Suite

2-person room
For the ultimate level of luxury NordicFuzzCon has to offer, go for a gold suite. Not only does it have a comfortable queen sized bed, a large wardrobe and lots of space for all your fursuits, it also has a kitchenette with a fridge to keep your drinks cold, a microwave, sink and a kettle so you can make your own food, snacks and tea, and enjoy it all in the adjacent dining area.

Had enough of partying? Then chill out in the relaxing lounge section which has a view over the neighbourhood. And no one has to wait in the morning since it comes with two water closets. Oh and - did we mention we will also provide you with little treats?

All rooms are furnished with TVs with HDMI and USB inputs!