Quiet Floors

New for 2019! Our quiet floors are designed for people who wish to use their room for sleeping and resting only. These rooms will all be 100% quiet, for those of you working night shifts as medics, those of you that need sleep or to anyone that just wants to take care of their snoozing needs.

The quiet rooms are available on a request base, which means you request one but a spot is not guaranteed. If we get too many applicants, we may need to put you in a buffer room or regular room. Note, we will not randomly place you in the party wing.

Please take note that you agree to the rules below if you apply for a quiet room. If you do not adhere to the rules we are at liberty to remove you from the room.


  • No music at any time
  • No room parties at any time
  • No extra people in the room after 22:00
  • No noise in the hallways at any time


How do I sign up?

The option to apply for a quiet room will appear when you create your room share.

Are single and triple rooms available?

No, due to the quiet floors position, only double rooms are available. Make sure both you and your roommate are aware of the rules.

Can I invite friends to my room in the evening if we have a room on the quiet floor?

If you want to spend the evening hanging with friends please go to the lobby, party wing or your friends’ non-quiet room.

Can I invite friends to my room during the day?

Yes, but please be mindful of the fact the quiet floors are also used by NFC staff that work during the night. Keep the sound down to allow them their sleep.

Someone is being noisy! ☹

Please contact the quiet floor managers via the quiet floors Telegram chat if you don’t feel like telling them to be quiet.