Second Hotel FAQ

This page provides answers to common questions regarding the second NordicFuzzCon hotel. You might also want to check out the pages about the main convention hotel and its hotel rooms, the second hotel and its room information, or the main hotel FAQ. There is also a dedicated page for information about room sharing.

How do I get to the second hotel from Arlanda airport?

The FuzzBus stops at the second hotel on the way to Infra City. If you will not be taking the FuzzBus, you can get to Stockholm C by bus or train and proceed from there to the hotel.

How do I get to the second hotel from Stockholm C?

Take the commuter train to Upplands Väsby, and then a bus. A Google Maps route may be found here.

How do I get to the main hotel?

We have a shuttle bus! It will depart from the second hotel twice each hour on a 24-hour service from 12:00 (noon) on the early arrival day to 12:00 (noon) on the late departure day, with more details available on the shuttle bus service page. Walking is also an option; the second hotel is approximately half an hour (2.5 km) away from the main hotel, as shown on the map below or the Google Maps route here.

Walking route map - click to open in Google Maps

What services does the second hotel have?

  • Free parking for hotel guests (unlike the main hotel)
  • Free breakfast buffet
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access
  • A gym and a spa with sauna and pool for guests (closes at 22:00)
  • A laundry room free for hotel guests to use

Do I have to leave the main hotel after the last event of the day?

No. Those staying at the second hotel are considered residents (so there’s no need to leave the main hotel after dances). You are welcome to stay at room parties, but you are not allowed to sleep at the main hotel due to fire regulations.

Is there a place where I can relax at the main hotel if I need some time alone?

Yep! There will be a quiet room available at the main hotel.

I don’t want to carry my stuff around, can I store it at the main hotel?

Yes, there will be a locker service for smaller items such as backpacks, coats etc. It is not possible to store suitcases (except for fursuiting, see below).

I am a fursuiter, do I have to carry my fursuit between the hotels?

There will be space to store fursuits at the main hotel, inside the fursuit lounge. This space is only for fursuits and fursuit luggage (such as a bag or suitcase). NordicFuzzCon does not take any responsibility for luggage stored and/or fursuits inside the fursuit lounge.

I’d love to shower after fursuiting, but I don’t want to return to the second hotel because of it. Can I shower at the main hotel?

Yes. The pool, sauna and showers can be used by second hotel guests wanting a shower after fursuiting.

How can I find out who else is staying in the second hotel?

There’s a Telegram chat for the second hotel: Join link

I am a dealer, can I store my merchandise at the main hotel?

Yes, there will be space to store merch if you’re staying at the second hotel. Please check with the Dealers’ Den department ahead of time to make the necessary preparations. We do recommend that you take any cash or valuables (jewellery, phones, laptops, etc.) with you.

Can people that aren't staying at the second hotel use the shuttle bus service?

Yes, every attendee with a valid convention badge may use the shuttle bus service. Your badge will be checked when you board the bus.