Party Area

We know how much you love partying and the party wing worked well in the previous hotel. Unfortunately due to technical reasons it was not possible to offer a similar party wing in the new hotel and we are currently negotiating an alternative arrangement to replace the party wing with something even better. Stay tuned for more information.

This is only concerning the former party wing, normal room parties are of course still allowed in Malmö, please see the hotel FAQ here.

Are room parties allowed?

Like every year, room parties and other social gatherings are of course allowed at all the hotels, as long as they do not get extremely noisy. Please keep the noise down after midnight. Rules for partying at the convention that are posted on location apply.
For buffer and quiet rooms additional rules apply.

Someone is being noisy! ☹

Please contact the quiet floor managers or security via the quiet floors Telegram chat if you don’t feel like telling them to be quiet.