Theme: Love it or hate it, it's Furovision

You have been looking forward to this all year, and now you’re here to have fun with your friends, enjoy the shows, listen to all the different howls, barks, screeches and hisses this year’s artists have to offer, dance to a wild variety in tunes, celebrate with the other animals, vote for your favourites and find out who will take home the prize for the best show this year!

Or you’ve been rehearsing to bring the show yourself, and you’re prepared to bring the best sounds of your homeland, put on the wildest costumes, tiptoe through the backstage, get blinded by stage lights, shine your brightest, and show off what you can do!! (And make your mother proud)

Whether you are a metalhead, an indie fan or genuinely intoN/A EURodance, whether you are a performer or a music lover, Furovision is all about uniting animals from different countries and celebrating each other’s skills. Come see your favourite bands, or something totally new! Discuss the costumes, watch the shows, and enjoy the creativity of the participants from all over.

This is the time to get together, make new friends, or cosy up with your old ones to enjoy the show!

Join us at Furovision!

Want to draw something for the convention?

There is a volunteer artist chat for those that wish to contribute art for various parts of the convention. Please send a message on Telegram to @Vincent_v_R for an invite.

Style guide

A style guide with a more detailed description of our theme can be found here.