What is a convention without its attendees?

We at the Events Department of NordicFuzzCon (NFC) are eager to create the best experience for our wonderful attendees’ different interests. So, we want to hear as much as possible from you, the attendee. You can help and contribute to the convention and its attendees by sending us ideas for future events. You can also help and even create your own events that can be officially scheduled. Did you know that most of our smaller events are made possible by attendees with passion and initiative? Incredible, is it not?

So, if you ever feel like the convention is missing that specific event that you have in your head and would like to make it a reality, be sure to fill in the event form. If you are uncertain whether you can hold the event or not due to personal reasons, then please get in touch with us as soon as possible. In the event of you being unable to make it, then we may be able to find someone to pick up from where you started so that the event makes it for the convention. And remember, even ideas and suggestions sent through our email will catch our eyes and interests. Always remember that we can make this convention a blast, together with you, our attendees!

Any event-related questions may be addressed to [email protected].

The full schedule for NFC2020 is out, and can be viewed at the link below:

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Event List

Below is a subset of events happening at the convention.


Musical Maid Café

NFC’s famous Maid Café will, of course, do an encore for 2020. We welcome all guests to the café. More information can be found on the Musical Maid Café page.

Furovision Alcohol Sampling

NordicFuzzCon greets you with the third annual event of alcohol sampling!

With this year’s theme settled as “Furovision”, we at NordicFuzzCon have taken the opportunity to seek inspiration from the real-life counterpart. Therefore, we will not be tied to a specific beverage, but instead, there will be a handful of unique and different beverages to sample from. Our mission is to serve you quality beverages from the top winning countries. By looking into the respective country’s history, traditions, cultural roots and many other aspects, only then will we be able to find the worthy beverage that you deserve.

Tickets will be available for purchase once NordicFuzzCon’s registration opens.

Teatime with Tom

Do you want to try delicious teas from all around the world, learn about the history of tea, and how to make the perfect cup of tea? This is the place to be. Hosted by a feline tea addict.

Tickets will be available for purchase once NordicFuzzCon’s registration opens.

Afternoon Waffles

Wednesday Waffles has been a cherished tradition for the past years at NordicFuzzCon. We will continue this tradition at Malmö and if the hotel does not provide us, we will have to make it an excursion to a local waffle place!

International Snack Exchange

We hope to bring back the traditional snack exchange, this time bring your favouriteN/A EURovision snacks! It does not matter if you love or hate them, or just love to see people hate what you love.


Drawing Corner

For all the furs interested in drawing, creating art or just hanging around with other furs, this place is perfect for you. There will be space and tools for people to take advantage over. Feedback has been heard and we are trying our best to improve the Drawing Corner for each upcoming year!


Haunted House

Do you dare enter the world of demons and monsters?

Nerf Gun War

Hopefully, there will be space and time for another very soft and fun war.

Cat's and boxes

Who will be victorious in this battle? Join or watch the feline crowd shred the boxes to pieces.


The arcade is coming with us to the new venue, and they might even discover some local items.


Due to the theme we will have to limit this to only a few places and times around the venue. Meaning that there will be a lot of this. Please let us know if you have your own idea for a karaoke theme.

And much more…

Things that deserve a comeback

Music Café

And old tradition we did not have last year. So if there is interest for amateur night with live performances, let us know. Here is your opportunity to show off your own things, a little lighter but still with a lot of skill.


Come shake your tail to pre-recorded music, or maybe even live performances.

Storyteller’s Circle

No storytellers circle happened either, but please, bring your stories. Bring your short stories and listen to what others brought.

We need help from you

A lot of panels and events are run by attendees, including theme specific ones. Have a look around the website or contact [email protected] if you feel like helping out. Alternatively - here’s a list of examples from previous and hopefully upcoming conventions if you need some inspiration:

  • Animal makeup get together
  • Making of jewelry
  • How to make good furry convention videos
  • Songwriter's round table
  • Cards Against Humanity/Furries
  • Contemporary animal ethics
  • Anything My Little Pony
  • Whatever you can imagine

Pictures from Past Events