Art Bazaar

The first weekend of [email protected] is dedicated to our creative minds and crafters, as well as introducing our charity to you: Odsherred Zoo Rescue!

Come browse through the shops of more than two dozen dealers, offering art and merchandise ranging from fine art prints to commissions, fursuits and materials, pins, stickers, comic books and more. See below for a list of who’s offering what. Make sure to have a look at their channels on our Discord server too, many of them have special offers for you there, or you could just hang out, chat and watch them stream their work live.

Opening Hours
  • Friday 5th of March (optional): From 16:00-22:00 CET
  • Saturday 6th of March (main day): From 10:00-22:00 CET
  • Sunday 7th of March (optional): From 12:00-18:00 CET

Be sure not to miss out on…

Event Time Platforms
Round Robin drawing with special guests Friday 5th - 20:00 - 21:00 Main stream and Discord
Charity: Live Tour of Odsherred Zoo Rescue Live Charity Saturday 6th - 12:30 - 14:30 Main stream and Discord
Live Acoustic Set Saturday 6th - 18:30 - 19:30 Main stream then Discord
Q&A stream with Pointedfox Live Art Panel Guest Event Saturday 6th - 22:00 - 23:00 Main stream and Discord

… and there's plenty more! Be sure to look at our schedule.

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What the Fuzz Is Going On?!

Find out some of what's going on during [email protected] by reading our weekly convention newspaper!

Charity: Odsherred Zoo Rescue

Odsherred Zoo Rescue is Denmark’s first and only rescue center for exotic animals. They provide a shelter for 600 animals from 100 species that were rescued from experimental laboratories, fur farms, private persons, smaller zoos or other unpleasant living conditions.

Don't miss our charity events (see the schedule button at the top) and the bonus content that might be unlocked during the convention. More charity information and our stretch goals can be found by clicking the link below.


Name Url Information
ArtZora Studios Fursuit commissions, premade parts, art commissions, decals, premades
BlueHunter Tapestry prints, prints, stickers, lanyards and more
Cyborg-Lucario Commissions, comics and merch
Dracky Sketch commissions and babyfur merchandise
Elishia Sketch commissions, acrylics charms, pins
Fauserbu Sketches, fursuit props, digital and traditional art
Fleeks Digital commissions, shirts, pins, badges, homemade hot sauces
Furry Tailor Fur shop, tails, hand paws, live streams
FUSSELSCHWARM Comics, art books, novels, games
Hamster Forge Plushy props, handmade and custom resin items, fursuit parts, kigu and hat commissions, pin badges and stickers
Jennifer Glauche Acrylic pouring livestreams
Kanizo Commissions, prints, small merch like bookmarks, greeting cards and stickers
Kitty Fluff Art commissions, own merchandise and merchandise from different artists
Laura Art and Animation commissions
Nerventee Art Commissions! Chibis, Sketches, Fullbody Drawings!
Nicnak Digital sketch commissions on livestream, prints, pins, stickers and other merch
Nievaris Sketch Commissions, Busts, Badges, Telegram Sticker
OmuMacaw Sketch commissions!
Panin Digital and traditional commissions, traditional media works of art
Patchwork pug studios Fursuit parts, nsfw commisions, suit commisions, digital and physical art and livestreams
QuillMoon Digital commissions
Reaperfox Digital and woodburned commissions, original woodburning art
Schiraki Commissions and livestreams
Shea B Full color, full body commissions, digital books for purchase
Shroompunk Studios Commissions (digital and oil), prints, and digital zines
Skrayer1219 Art commissions, writing, small Visual Novels, livestreams
Tina Fountain Heart Artwork, personalized and other merch, livestreams
Waffle Creations Open for 2 slots for digital art commissions & offering an [email protected] exclusive YCH! Visit to know where to contact me or see my art!
Yulynh Commissions, sketches and YCHs
Zelaphas Mystery Bags are back! Three different sizes (Nibble, Bite and CHOMP) full of prints, stickers, luggage tags, zines, buttons, window clings, and more! Visit for details.
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March 5-7

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