Through the years you have helped NordicFuzzCon help an amazing number of animals! But the actions of humans are still leading to animals being taken out of their environment and made to live difficult lives. Be it in the medical industry, cosmetic industry, through illegal pet trade or mistreatment. In Denmark, these animals have found a safe haven:

The charity for [email protected] 2021 is Odsherred Zoo Rescue!

They provide a comfortable environment where these animals can retire and enjoy their lives. Together we can help the rescue zoo take care of these animals, and give them the future they deserve!

A huge “Thank you!” to Dalziel who created the music for our charity video clip.

Odsherred Zoo Rescue is Denmark’s first and only rescue center for exotic animals. They provide a shelter for 600 animals from 100 species that were rescued from experimental laboratories, fur farms, private persons, smaller zoos or other unpleasant living conditions. In the rescue center, they can live their lives peacefully in an environment that is species-appropriate with healthy food and behavioural enrichment. Niko, who is living at the zoo and is the owner of Odsherred Zoo Rescue, will be our special guest for this [email protected]!

You can learn more about Niko and the Odsherred Zoo Rescue during our various events like "Charity: Live Tour of Odsherred Zoo Rescue", "Meet the Charity" and "Charity: Animal Feeding & Enrichment" on the Art Bazaar weekend of the convention in our live stream and in the Discord chat rooms! Furthermore, you can support the charity by buying a slot from an artist at the "Doodles for Charity" event.

And of course what's most important, you can donate throughout the entire convention month of March via Tiltify to unlock even more content that will be shown on our stream or even be real at the next physical NordicFuzzCon! And not only that: if you are a streamer on Twitch, you can even integrate the Tiltify campaign for Odsherred Zoo Rescue into your stream and collect donations that are 1:1 going directly to the rescue zoo and add to our overall donation goals.

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Cute Animal Content: Foxes!* Sunday, March 7, 14:45 CET
Cute Animal Content: Cats & Birds + Bonus Raccoons* Saturday, March 13, 15:45 CET
Cute Animal Content: Otters!* Saturday, March 13, 17:45 CET
Trax Finger Paint* Saturday, March 20, 18:00 CET
Purrtail plays Mario Kart in Fursuit with Live Viewers* Saturday, March 27, 13:00 CET
Pinky Exercise Video* Saturday, March 20, 23:15 CET
Crowfangs eats Surströmming* Saturday, March 27, 13:45 CET
Trax playing dog* Saturday, March 27, 17:45 CET

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And last but not least: Did you know that Niko, the owner of Odsherred Zoo Rescue, is also a game developer? He is developing a massive multiplayer online game called Rescue Wars Online in which you can rescue animals and even help the charity in reality, because all proceeds of the game will be used for helping the Odsherred Zoo Rescue. Make sure not to miss Niko's gaming show and tell event Rescue Wars Online - Saving the Animals with Charity on the Gaming Weekend!